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How to Safely Use Cloud Storage as Cloud Backup

How-to-SafelyUseCloud-Storage-as-Cloud-BackupWith the increased use of cloud backup, we often get overwhelmed with the huge storage limits offered by cloud back up service providers. However, an important aspect that we should consider is to make sure that our data is safely backed up. Regardless of the size – whether big or small – companies are at the risk of having their important and sensitive information attacked or wrongfully accessed while storing data online. Here are a few ways how you can improve your use of cloud backup:

Backup Multiple Copies

If you have backed up one copy of your data, you have actually not backed up any of your information. Backing up on multiple cloud destinations is the key. You should make sure that all the information you’re storing is securely stored on different cloud devices, which will help you in accessing the data easily. Even though cloud backup reduces the issues of data loss, backing up multiple copies completely eliminates the risk altogether.

Be Cautious of the Data you back up

Be wary of the information that you place on cloud. Even though cloud backups are safe, there are chances of the information being hacked. Thus, think about the data you want to backup and place on the cloud. One possible solution to this and ensuring data security is protecting your data with a password.

Manual Backups

Unless and until you have an amazingly fast internet, keep backing up your data manually. Even though there are many cloud backup software that guarantee backup continuously while you work, it all comes down to the speed of the internet. Thus, to avoid any backup discrepancies and data loss, put in a bit of effort and backup your data manually to the cloud.


This is one of the safest ways to ensure cloud data backup. Protect your data with the help of a password. Make sure that you set up a strong password, which cannot be accessed by anyone. Do not commit the mistake of sharing your password with anyone and do not access your cloud data on a computer that you do not trust. Using open Wi-Fi connections is not recommended as your password can be hacked. Ensuring internet security will help you in protecting your cloud data effectively!

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