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How to use Google SMTP server for sending CloudBacko’s email reports

Both CloudBacko Pro and CloudBacko Lite are able to send 1). backup error and warning report, 2). missed backup report, and 3). storage usage alert to your specified email addresses through an SMTP server. Have you experienced frustration because you don’t have your own SMTP server? Don’t worry. Google has it for free! All you need is a Google Gmail account and some simple configurations.

Step 1: Create a Gmail account if you don’t have one.

Step 2: Open your CloudBacko Pro / CloudBacko Lite backup software and click [Settings].


Step 3: Select the “Email Report” tab and turn on the Email Report feature.


Step 4: Enter Outgoing SMTP Server info.

Port: 587
Login name*: your Gmail address without the “”
Password*: your Gmail password
*Note: Your Gmail login name and password are saved in CloudBacko software for Google SMTP Server authentication purpose. CloudBacko will never collect your login name and password for other purposes.

Click [Connect] when finished.


You may experience failure even though all information entered are correct.


If so, visit the Security setting page of your Google account and find the “Access for less secure apps”. You would probably see that this feature is set to “Disabled”. Edit it by clicking [Settings].


Select “Enable” so as to allow CloudBacko sending email to you via Google’s SMTP server.


Here is Google’s explanation about the important of this setting. As mentioned before, CloudBacko will never collect your login name and password for other purposes. So, don’t worry. Enabling this feature won’t do any harm to you.


Okay, go back to your CloudBacko software and click [Try again].


CloudBacko should be able to connect to Google’s SMTP server.


Step 5: Enter report sender and recipient emails.

Report sender: Just enter your Gmail address here.
Send reports to these emails: Enter the email addresses for receiving the reports. Separate the emails with “;”.


Step 6: Send test email to make sure it works.

Click [Send test email].


Check your Inbox. The testing email should look like this.


Step 7: Configure what and when to receive. Remember to [Save] the settings when finished.


Caution: Your CloudBacko Pro or CloudBacko Lite has to be running at the specified time for sending the reports. Otherwise, you can’t receive anything.

Download free trial

Free 30 days trial version of CloudBacko Pro or CloudBacko Lite can be downloaded from here.

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