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Hyper-V Backup Issues and Solutions

blod-image-square-20141204The tiniest of errors inside your Hyper-V system can cause virtual machine backup failures. To keep your Hyper-V based virtual machines error free, look at the common issues and their solutions below. For more efficient backups, utilize CloudBacko; this premiere Hyper-V backup software will simplify all of the backup processes.

Not Enough Free Space

All host-level backups of virtual machines require 100s of GBs of free space for the Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS). This process is necessary for the VM to prepare the host for the backup of data; if there’s not enough free space available, the backup will fail.

You can resolve this issue by freeing up space on your virtual hard disks. Delete old and obsolete files. If this doesn’t do the trick, you will have to increase the hard disk space to provide the storage space required for the shadow copy process.

Corrupt VSS Writers

If you have taken care of the storage space issue and are still facing backup failure problems, check the consistency of the VSS writers. You can restart the ‘Hyper-V volume shadow copy requestor’ to address this issue. After the restart, run the “Vssadmin list writers” command; if all the VSS writers are listed and their status is ok, then the problem has been resolved.

Failed Hyper-V VSS Writer

VSS writer issues can also occur in host-level backups. The system center data protection manager will point you towards this particular problem, and when it crops up, it will affect all of the virtual machines created with the particular Hyper-V. You can restart the ‘Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management’ on the host to solve this issue.

Unnecessary Registry Growth

In some Hyper-V systems, virtual machine buses are left behind after a backup is completed which can fill up your registry. Compromised registry will cause instability in the volume shadow copy service and may even cause harm to the whole system. You will have to clean out these left behind, orphaned, devices to solve this issue; you can utilize several third party devices to perform the removal.

Protection of your backup is of the utmost importance, and ensuring secure and error-free backups is a big part of keeping your data safe. You should also use CloudBacko and its many features for reliable and secure server backups.

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