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Let’s troubleshoot together when CloudBacko hits a roadblock

CloudBacko is a well-designed, thoroughly tested, robust backup software. Being evolved into the latest version, most critical bugs have been solved already and it’s very stable now. But it can still hit roadblocks due to different reasons, such as unusal application setup, network setting, user’s permission, storage quota, etc. If it happens, what should you do?


When your CloudBacko hits a roadblock, besides sending us email describing your symptoms, the most important information our Support Engineers need from you will be the log files that the software keeps recording during it’s in action. With the log, our engineers will be able to see what has happened during the software is performing a certain task and what problem it has encountered. So, sending us the log files together with your descriptions of the symptoms can greatly shorten the time of troubleshooting.

Where to find the log

To find the log files of your CloudBacko backup software, simply follow the steps here.