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Looking for Easy Data Recovery Methods? Try CloudBacko

Keeping an organization’s data safe and up-to date tops the priority list of an organization’s IT team. But sometimes, doing only that might not be enough. Organizations often need quick and versatile data recovery methods for one reason or another. And the best cloud backup software, CloudBacko, offers you these solutions at the push of a button.

The data recovery methods offered by CloudBacko include:

Point In Time Restoration

Often complex businesses need to access the previous versions of certain files or blocks of data for certain projects. However, this is usually almost impossible because of the constant data updates and files being over written. Because CloudBacko lets you keep unlimited versions of your data for as long as you like, you can easily retrieve the version of you need. Through Point in Time Recovery, you can actually select a specific time and date of the data version and then recover it easily.

Files and Folders Restoration

CloudBacko not only lets you recover a specific version, but you can also locate and retrieve a specific file and folder from the database. You can search for the file or folder by its name and have it restored anywhere, even if it has been erased from the local system. Because of CloudBacko, you will never have to face problems like data loss or compromised data integrity ever again.

Database Restoration to the Original Location

Be it entire database restoration or restoring just a small part of it, it is generally not considered a very difficult task. But often restoring the database to its original location might prove to be a complex task because certain data blocks might already be over written. With CloudBacko, you can easily restore the database to its original location and at the same time retain any new and updated versions.

Restoration of Multiple Versions in a Single Operation

Again, a complex project often requires access to previous versions of data. Depending on the level of complexity, the project may sometimes require multiple versions of the data. Thanks to CloudBacko, users don’t have to wait for a version to restore before accessing another one. You can restore multiple versions at the same time.

CloudBacko is a very handy recovery tool for individuals and organizations alike. To know more about this software, visit and discover their full range of cloud backup services!