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Microsoft Azure: Why Should You Choose It?

A company’s infrastructure is hardly ever based on a random selection. That is why for cloud space, most people are turning to Microsoft Azure. Unlike other giants in the industry, Azure had a very slow start, and the reason behind that was that most of its details were sparse and users were left confused as to what makes one option better than the other.

Microsoft Azure offers end-to-end support from the infrastructure to your OS to all your applications. This happens because Azure can work seamlessly with all existing Microsoft applications. This is something that most of Microsoft Azure’s famous competitors can’t offer. Microsoft Azure also happens to be the only cloud provider that is certified for Oracle applications and databases.

If you still need more convincing then you read the following list of key features that will prove that Microsoft Azure is one of the best options to choose.

Media Services

With Microsoft Azure, you can create end to end media workflows with flexible and highly scalable encoding, packaging, and distribution services, and with that you can deliver any type of media, on any type of device, any time you want. Basically this means that you can securely encode, package, store and upload both audio and video content for live streaming and on demand delivery for a wide variety of endpoints which include Mobile Devices, PC and TV.

Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is considered a complete cloud solution for broad identity and access management. Its robust abilities can manage users & groups. The Active Directory even helps you to secure access to various other applications that include online services of Microsoft like Office 365. However, it is not limited to that because Azure Active Directory can help you securely access man non-Microsoft SaaS applications as well, meaning that you can facilitate single sign-on to simplify user access to numerous cloud applications from Android, Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

Mobile Services

The Mobile Services offered by Microsoft Azure are scalable and secure backend that can be applied to power apps on any platform bet it iOS, Android, Windows or even Mac. Azure Mobile Services makes storing app data in the cloud easy. They also authenticate users and send push notifications.

Hybrid Solution

The ability to easily move between on-premises and the public cloud is only provided by Microsoft’s consistent platform approach. Microsoft Azure utilizes the open VHD standard that permits you to seamlessly move your workloads from your datacenter to Azure or even a hosting service provider and back to on-premises, meaning that you basically get the wide choice and the flexibility to handle all your unique business needs and existing technology investments.

On all fronts, Microsoft Azure comes across as a clear winner and something every organization must seriously consider incorporating in its infrastructure if it hasn’t already. Ultimately the only issue is security. Not that Microsoft doesn’t provide ample security already but it doesn’t hurt to be double sure. For that, you can use CloudBacko, the best cloud backup software out in there. Microsoft Azure is one of the many cloud backup services as backup destinations. CloudBacko will help you encrypt all your data before sending it to azure. For more information about this amazing software, visit