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Multi-destination cloud and local backup enables CloudBacko to ensure foolproof protection for client data

CloudBacko is securing a growing number of corporate and individual clients who are satisfied with the company’s multi-destination cloud backup services

Cloud technology has been on a constant rise over the past few years as organizations around the world are now realizing its importance, especially when it comes to data safety and backups. A massive evacuation of companies from traditional backup methods has been seen in the recent years with the steady integration of cloud backup techniques.

CloudBacko is one of the best cloud backup services that has managed to secure a good reputation in the industry with its affordably priced, diverse and highly dependable services. With the variety of backup solutions the company delivers and a great support team present 24/7 on standby, each day a rising number of clients are using its services to safeguard their critical data.

Samuel Chan, the Development Director at CloudBacko explained, “We are proud of the reputation we have been able to secure over a short period. We started off with our belief in cloud technology and how it can help revolutionize data backup approaches to make them more efficient and effective. Our team worked hard to create a foolproof model that we now function with, to help clients secure their data and have quick access to it. ”

“We believe that our multi-destination backup approach played a pivotal role in helping us prove how valuable our services are” explained Chan, “What would you do if there is a fire in your organization? Or a hurricane sweeps away all your office equipment while you are sleeping at home? If you were still backing up data using traditional methods, you can say goodbye to all of it as it just got swept away due to a natural disaster. On the other hand, our services are more in-depth. We have disaster recovery plans in place and our multi-destination and local backup approach is a part of it. Even if our clients do experience a natural disaster or data theft, we have all the right protocols in place to restore it immediately so that our clients can revive their operations the same day.”

With cloud backup services like no other, CloudBacko is expected to experience a huge influx of clients in the near future.