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On-Site Servers Or Cloud Backup? What’s Your Pick?

How important is data for your business? Is it backed up? Regardless of the size of your business, your company majorly runs on data: financial statements, payroll accounts, vendor details, customer information, etc.

However, with the growing threats associated with online security and data loss, chances are you’re not taking adequate steps to protect it. In fact, a huge number of companies do not backup their data. So, before you experience a catastrophic data loss, backup your data!

Here are two options that you can choose from:

Backup Options

Hard drives or other backup devices that are connected to your computers are referred to as on-site backups. On the other hand, cloud based backups are servers that are remotely connected to your computer through the internet. Learn about both these backup methods in detail to make an informed decision.

On-Site Servers

Hard drives are commonly used by businesses and individuals as they are inexpensive and offer plenty of backup space. They are easy to install and are equipped with software which assists in backing up data easily. Security is a major drawback of on-site servers. A hard drive can be stolen easily and you might lose all important data. Natural disasters and other unforeseen events pose a threat as well. You might be unable to retrieve data in such instances.

Virus is another main reason why hard drives crash. If there’s an undetected virus on your computer, it will affect the hard drive causing a break down.

Cloud Backup

With a cloud backup, your data is stored off-site, and is copied to other servers in different locations. With the help of this backup solution, you can retrieve your data from anywhere, anytime. This backup method offers incredible data security with the help of encryption. All files and content are protected with passwords which increases data security. Companies encrypt files with randomized keys which cannot be intruded by hackers. Efficient cloud based solutions offer 100% data recovery. Data is transmitted within no time and there is no loss of data during the process. This backup solution is not expensive. In fact, it saves money that you could lose due to loss of important and confidential data.

Based on the detailed information, cloud backup is a more reliable and safer backup option as compared to the traditional on-site servers.

If you’ve decided to install cloud backup in your office, get the most efficient and reliable cloud based software, CloudBacko! The software encrypts file content as well as filename to enhance security and also guarantees 100% data recovery.