How to backup VMs in VMware vCenter/ESXi 6.7 with CloudBacko Pro 81 views

Need to backup your virtual machines in your VMware vCenter / ESXi 6.7? Want to spin-up VMs instantly from backup? Or want to restore granular files within a backed up VM without spinning up the VM first? The lastest CloudBacko Pro backup software can help you achieve all this goals. Check out how to configure a VMware backup set in CloudBacko from this video.

CloudBacko version 3.5 released with faster Office 365 mailbox backup

CloudBacko version 3.5 is released. This latest release comes with these enhancements:

  1. Faster Office 365 backup on large quantities of mailboxes
  2. Auto-run Data Integrity Check before every backup
  3. Corrupted index rebuild option in Data Integrity Check
  4. Support VMware Fusion 10 Pro / 10
  5. Support Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  6. Support MySQL 5.7 and 8
  7. Support Azure Germany and Azure Government
  8. Support Aliyun new regions: China North 5 (Huhehaote), Asia Pacific SE 5 (Jakarta), Asia Pacific SOU 1 (Mumbai)
  9. Support Amazon S3 new region: EU (Paris)
  10. Support of Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra; FreeBSD 10.4, 11.1; and 11.2, Ubuntu 18.04

Besides, there are over 50 bugs fixed. Check out the latest release note here.

CloudBacko’s Price Reduced, Save 75% Max!

CloudBacko Price Reduced, Save 75% Max!

To let more customers benefit from CloudBacko’s total data backup protection, we are happy to announce the price reduction for CloudBacko Pro software and add-on modules by as much as 75%! Effective immediately!

VMware / Hyper-V module: $219 -> $55 (save 75%)
MS SQL / Lotus Domino / Oracle Database modules: $139 -> $55 (save 60%)
MySQL Database module: $55 -> $25 (save 55%)
Office 365 Exchange Online Mailbox module: $19 -> $9 (save 53%)
CloudBacko Pro base software: $159 -> $99 (save 38%)

Check out the new pricing at:

Since the list price is now much lower, upgrade fee will be much lower too!

Let us know if you need any clarification on the new pricing.

CloudBacko Pro running on Thecus W5810 Windows based NAS, works like a charm!

CloudBacko Pro running on Thecus W5810 Windows based NAS, works like a charm

Just tested running CloudBacko Pro on this Windows based Thecus W5810 NAS with satisfactory result. Successfully backed up 20 Office 365 mailboxes (each with 10000 mail items) from the cloud to this NAS.

The good thing for using this NAS with CloudBacko is that you don’t need to spare a machine for running CloudBacko software. And this NAS can take 5 x 12TB HDDs. After RAID-5, you’ll have 50TB usable storage for storing your backup data. Good enough for most small and medium businesses.

Currently the price for 12TB HDD might be a bit expensive, but using 10TB HDD is also a good option. After putting 5 x 10TB HDDs into this NAS, the total cost will be around US$2000 to US$2500. Pretty affordable for such storage size.

When using it with CloudBacko and the needed add-on modules (Exchange, SQL, VMware, Hyper-V, MySQL, Windows System, etc.), you’ll have a robust backup solution for backing up all your data locally, and to the cloud.

With our Office 365 and Cloud File modules, you can also backup the cloud data to this NAS, and to other cloud storages.

Pretty good, right?! Check this NAS out from your local Thecus dealer now! If you’re from Hong Kong or Macau, you can directly contact us for getting this Thecus :-)


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Cybersense has become CloudBacko’s Gold Reseller in South Africa


Cybersense, an IT servicing company from South Africa, has just become CloudBacko’s Gold Reseller. It is an IT Systems Consultancy with a deep technical understanding and a Mantra of ‘no problem is too big to solve’. Their rather unique and competitive IT servicing model is to operate on predetermined objectives that saves clients time and money by pre-warning of potential IT Infrastructure failures.

Cybersense’ CTO, Seyton Hayes, was previously Head of IT Security at a large bank. His security skills and penetration testing expertise has saved clients vast amounts of time and money by securing their organizations from people like him but with nasty intentions. He likes to call himself an Ethical Hacker. His concept of “pre-warned is pre-armed” has culminated in Cybersense’ CyberMon Systems monitoring application which runs at all our client sites and warns us of potential problems which we can then pre-empt. Seyton’s expertise is so well respected in the IT Industry that competitors contract his expertise at times. A real nerd, he works and plays with technology.

It’s our great honor for being chosen by Cybersense as a backup solution partner, as being chosen by a techie nerd proved that our backup solution is robust enough to withstand any challenge :-)

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3 Deadly Hyper-V Deployment Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

3 Deadly Hyper-V Deployment Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

It’s no coincidence that the virtual machines have experienced a surge in popularity with the launch of Microsoft Hyper-V.

Roots of this incredibly powerful software can be traced back to 2003 when Microsoft acquired the privately-owned Connectix Corp. This simple business acquisition paved the way for further development and research on Virtual Machines and is the main reason why they’re so popular today. Continue reading

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A Few Tips for Efficient SQL Server Backup


If you’ve worked with databases before, you’re probably aware of SQL. Simply put, the Structured Query Language (SQL) is the medium that is used by IT teams around the world to store data in and retrieve information from public and private databases. It enables your IT team to access huge blocks of data and information in an efficient manner. Continue reading

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