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Beware of Ransomeware Hackers. Backup Now!

You are lucky if you are not among the 1 million victims, ranging from individuals to small business, who found their files being locked up and received ransom demands to unlock the files. Recently, a family of “ransomware” program called CryptoWall has been extensively used by hackers. The malware holds the user’s computer files hostage and demand ransom in bitcoin from computer owners. One victim, the Dickson County, Tennessee, sheriff’s office had to pay $622 in bitcoin to hackers in order to gain back access to the department’s criminal case files.

Imagine one day when you switch on your computer, all your photos, music files, reports, ebooks, journals and tax documents cannot be opened. No matter how many times you try, an error message pops up every time you click on a file. The frustration and inconvenience would greatly affect your daily life and businesses.

One easy solution to protect yourself from the risk is to back up files every day. CloudBacko is the simplest solution to keep you protected. Download, install and setup once, you are then safely protected from ransomeware hackers. Your data will be backed up to local or cloud destination of your choice. Even when you are attacked by ransomware hacker, you can safely ignore the hacker’s extortion and restore clean files from your backed up data.