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Simplify your Cloud Backups

The abundance of cloud storage services is very convenient for the consumers, but it also presents a small conundrum for them; more often than not, users store data on more than one cloud storage. Some even go as far as trying all of them out and end up storing different files on different cloud services.

Imagine having one important file on Amazon’s cloud storage and another one on Google’s cloud backup; how are you to manage all of these services individually and keep track of all your files? Well, you can start with installing CloudBacko and following the advice below:


The best option would be to use just one cloud service, if possible, but every cloud service has its own perks, so you may need to utilize multiple cloud storage services at the same time. If you have to select more than one cloud services, then look for ones that offer maximum compatibility across multiple platforms.

Narrow the Field

Remember, the reason why you are utilizing different cloud services is because each of them offers a unique feature. If an update or a newer version of your primary cloud service adds that same feature, then eliminate any additional cloud services from your list that have the same feature.

Platform Specific Services

Some cloud services work seamlessly with their developer’s corresponding operating system: iCloud with Mac, One Drive with Windows, and Google Drive with Android. It is sensible to keep these services and their usage separate from one another, if possible.

Software for Backup

If you are using multiple cloud storage services as data backups, then you have to use CloudBacko. It supports all the popular cloud storage services, and through it, you can manage all of your cloud backups effortlessly.

Third-party Encryption

Using third-party software to encrypt and backup your data will keep it secure in all of the cloud services, because every cloud service has its own security protocols and all of them may not be in your best interest. To negate your security headaches, you should handle your data encryption yourself, using CloudBacko.

These tips will help to make you life easier by simplifying all your different cloud storage service usage. For more efficiency, keep all your essential or most important files in one place and don’t spread them around on different clouds. You can utilize other services for secondary files or files of less importance.