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Some Future Trends in Backup and Disaster Recovery

Some time, in the early ages of human evolution, it were the libraries that were used to store records in large wooden shelves.

Then came gigantic mainframes and stored punched cards, tracing the ruthless history of World War II.

With the advent of internet, the then new cool, warehouses with endless rack of servers were then constructed. This was the age of on-site data storage.

The concept of virtualization then took over, and where it is still very much into mainstream, how long before we declare it as insufficient and unaccommodating too?

What does the future hold? Will we work out something new, stick with the current or will we revert back to something tried and tested?

Here, we look at some future trends in backup and disaster recovery—signs of which have already started to emerge.

1. The Old is Being Redesigned to Be Used in New Ways

We are seeing new solutions being introduced into the market that allows businesses to use existing systems and approaches to be used in new ways. Vendors are working towards developing platforms that would allow automated integration of newly created VMs and migrated VMs with the backup software. Tools are already in the market that allow de-duplication of data backed up in virtual environments, offering transformed levels of scalability.

Physical servers are being increasingly integrated with backup testing options to allow users assess the robustness of their backup and recovery plans.

2. Hybrid Models are Set to Dominate the Immediate Future

Many businesses worldwide have shifted their server load to virtual servers, while running a physical data centre of their own—most of the times at an offsite location. Others are expected to adopt the hybrid model soon, as virtualization progresses towards maturation.

3. Virtualization is Expected to Be the Sole Remaining Model

This might come as a surprise for some, but there is a definite possibility that virtualization could end up being the sole model to exist. The concept of physical and business dedicated data centres could become obsolete. Co-existence could fade and become extinct—with media giant, Condé Nast, having already adopting the cloud-only approach.

Whatever happens next, we can trust our ability to come up with solutions that further optimize the infrastructure for reinforced data protection and prompt disaster recovery.

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