Amazon; is it the Best Cloud Service?

blod-image-square-20141210Amazon launched its web services in 2006, and since then, it has remained on top of the cloud computing ladder. The most popular of their web services is their Cloud Drive; this article will look at some major aspects of this Cloud Drive and determine the secret to its success.

Cloud Space

One of the biggest factors in selecting a cloud service is the storage space it offers; Amazon is currently offering 5 GB of free storage with up to 1 TB of maximum storage. This places Amazon’s cloud service in the upper echelons of web computing. None of the other services come even close to this amount of storage, except for Google.

Type of Files Accepted

Almost all cloud services allow you to backup practically any type of file imaginable. And almost all of them have a limit set on the size of each file. Unlike such services, Amazon Cloud Drive allows you to backup any file, of any size. And CloudBacko will offer a seamless backup process, when using Amazon cloud backup.


Another important element is the cloud service’s compatibility, with different types of digital devices. The Cloud Drive offers compatibility with all major platforms; Android, PC, Mac, and iOS. The compatibility, along with its ease-of-use, makes it one of the best cloud services.


Amazon Cloud Drive is not only the best in terms of usage; it is also the best priced cloud storage service. With 5 GB of free storage space, and then $1/GB for any additional storage, it is one of the most affordable cloud services available.

Offline Usage

One thing lacking in Cloud Drive’s arsenal is the offline usage function. Most of the other popular cloud services offer offline services, so if Amazon wants to stay on top of the cloud service game, they need to remedy this issue as soon as possible.

What we can learn from the information above is that, Amazon Cloud Drive is great because of the combination of services it offers to its users. But, it is being surpassed by other popular cloud services in some areas, which the developers at Amazon are probably taking care of right now. So, choose Amazon Cloud Drive for your cloud storage and CloudBacko to backup your data on the Cloud Drive, for a seamless cloud storage experience.

Advantages of Online Backup Services for Your Business


Most business owners realize the benefits of online backup services and are utilizing them effectively. For those businessmen, who have not yet moved their data to the cloud, here are a few advantages of cloud service that you are missing out on:

Worry Free

Backing up your data on Google or Amazon cloud backup provides you with peace of mind. You can rest assured that a copy of your backup is safe somewhere offsite and you can download it whenever you feel the need.

Auto Backup

You no longer have to worry about scheduling a backup and the integrity of your backup. With CloudBacko, you can use any service, like Google backup service, and schedule your backups and benefit from its built-in data integrity checking feature.


The cost of using cloud backup services is much lower than the costs that local backup systems incur. You have to purchase the hardware and hire IT professionals to handle the equipment and the backup files. When you use online backup, a minimal monthly fee will eliminate all those costs.


The restoration process can take place even if you change your office location. Cloud backup gives you access to your critical data no matter where in the world you are. You can retrieve your data with the access that the online service has provided you with.


Most cloud service providers will offer their own security for your data, to keep it secure from nefarious and physical elements. You can also use CloudBacko to encrypt your data to provide an extra layer of security to your data.


Fast retrieval of your data is also one of the perks of cloud backup services; although the speed does depend largely on the internet connection you have. If you have a quality broadband connection, your backup will be retrieved in a matter of minutes.

To be fair, there are also some cons of using cloud backups, but the advantages are so overwhelming that you can’t help but make use of online backup services.

Amazon Vs. Google: Who Wins The Cloud Battle?

There is an epic battle going on between Amazon and Google regarding their cloud services. Anyone related with IT will know its intricacies and understand them. The general consumer who uses cloud on their email will find it difficult to understand the vastness of the cloud and how important it is for both companies. Let’s start with gaining an understanding of what’s really happening.

What Is The Amazon Vs. Google Battle About?

Amazon set foot in the cloud long before Google cloud backup surfaced and is a market leader by a large margin. Amazon started selling cloud services to companies in 2006 and since then it has been able to upgrade, improve and make its services efficient and cost effective. Amazon clearly has many advantages over Google with its cloud services

Even though Google had a late start it had its focus straight. What’s important to understand here is the fact that in the future, cloud will probably become a utility to be sold to companies to store their data. That means the competition for Google and Amazon has become cut throat to get the bigger pie of the IT share of the cloud. Amazon already has big players under its belt such as Netflix and it is no wonder that half the internet faces a crackdown when a part of Amazon’s cloud goes down.

What is In The Cloud For Both Companies?

It is estimated that currently only 13% of the company’s data is stored on the cloud; imagine those numbers growing and the potential of immense profits from the cloud selling services to Amazon and Google. In an effort to increase its market share, Google recently cut back on its prices but Amazon is not far away from doing the same. Since its inception, Amazon has lowered prices of its cloud 42 times. With the ongoing battle and obvious leads that both companies have on their respective clouds, the big question is who will win this battle in the end?

Who Will Ultimately Win?

One factor to consider when comparing the two is who can provide faster services? Both companies are investing heavily in infrastructure. Amazon cloud backup offers cheaper cloud but Google provides services 7 to 9 times faster than Amazon does.

Critics argue that a major factor in Amazon’s lead is the code for the cloud that it specializes in. When Amazon started its cloud services, it also started introducing a separate code to enable cloud compatibility with the different servers. Today, more and more operating systems have the Amazon cloud code making it easier for them to avail Amazon’s services. Amazons estimated revenue for cloud services in 2013 was $3.4 billion. In the end it seems, whatever both companies do, the true consumer of the cloud (big companies) will decide who takes the cloud trophy home!

What is your view about the Amazon vs. Google cloud battle? Find out about our backup solutions here.