The Common Challenges Encountered in Backing Up Exchange Server Data

The Common Challenges Encountered in Backing Up Exchange Server Data

Emails are critical for the operations of all modern organizations. Hence, backing up and securing email data and files to ensure their accessibility in case of an IT disaster, is a job of utmost importance for administrators.

Where in theory the task appears simple, backing up exchange server data comes with unique set of challenges that can complicate the process.

In this article, we review the two major challenges that IT administrators have to face when running an Exchange backup protocol, and also the solutions that can be exercised to overcome these challenges. Continue reading

How to Implement a Robust Hyper-V Backup Solution?

how to implement a robust hyper-v backup solution

Hyper-V is Microsoft’s virtualization platform that enables IT administrators and businesses to run multiple instances of operating systems off the same physical machine (a server). This allows more efficient utilization of resources, enhanced portability of applications, convenient and streamlined management of IT operations and quick deployment of new server environments. Continue reading

Backup Technologies – How Far Have We Come?

backup technologies - how far have we come?

Once considered stale and stagnant, essence of a practice that is meant to be disruptive by nature – backup technology has undergone a renaissance over the last few years. These developments have been so dramatic and rapid, that the newly integrated features even provide business value, disaster or no disaster. Continue reading

The Importance of Backing Up Office 365


Ever since Microsoft redesigned its exclusive Office application suite with the integrated cloud based functionality—available as Office 365—document management, accessibility, and streamlining business workflows has become easy and convenient.

That being said, the deployment of the solution comes with a catch. Continue reading

Some Future Trends in Backup and Disaster Recovery


Some time, in the early ages of human evolution, it were the libraries that were used to store records in large wooden shelves.

Then came gigantic mainframes and stored punched cards, tracing the ruthless history of World War II.

With the advent of internet, the then new cool, warehouses with endless rack of servers were then constructed. This was the age of on-site data storage.

The concept of virtualization then took over, and where it is still very much into mainstream, how long before we declare it as insufficient and unaccommodating too? Continue reading

Backing Up the Virtual Environment – What You Should Know


The worldwide server virtualization market has experienced tremendous growth in past several years, with the trend now edging towards maturity. The factors that have spurred the increased adoption of the technology are well documented, some of which include maintenance, cost, centralized accessibility, etc.

However, where a virtual environment improves almost every aspect of a business’s IT operations, backup and restoration continues to make its deployment difficult and debatable in some quarters. Continue reading

Why Is It Necessary to Backup Office 365?


Most organizations choose to back up their Office 365 files to deal with potential data loss issues. Important documents and files can easily be lost due to malicious attacks or accidental file deletions by employees.

In order to ensure that the availability of your data is not disrupted, a complete backup of your Office 365 data is required. Continue reading

Online Data Loss – Why Does It Happen?


Every computer user comes across data loss issues every now and then. But loss of important data can have quite devastating consequences for businesses and financial institutions. That is why small and large organizations employ the latest technologies to ensure that their data is properly backed up.

The use of online storage solutions can be quite effective in minimizing the chances of the occurrence of permanent data losses. However, the only real way to prevent such losses is by using cloud-to-cloud storage solutions to create multiple real time copies of your sensitive data. Continue reading

Let’s troubleshoot together when CloudBacko hits a roadblock


CloudBacko is a well-designed, thoroughly tested, robust backup software. Being evolved into the latest version, most critical bugs have been solved already and it’s very stable now. But it can still hit roadblocks due to different reasons, such as unusal application setup, network setting, user’s permission, storage quota, etc. If it happens, what should you do? Continue reading