A Myth Sized Hole: Busting 4 Common Myths About Cloud Backup


In a world where cloud based solutions are the new raining clouds for businesses, discussions surrounding the technology and everything related to it have become a norm.

Many of these discussions are characterized by misconceptions and confusions, particularly those related to the subject of cloud backup.

It appears as if there is a myth sized hole in the “apparent” facts, rendering the entire discussion void. Continue reading

7 Quick Facts you must know about WannaCry


If you did not know ransomware before, you must have at least heard of it by now. On 12 May 2017, a ransomware attack called WannaCry went on a rampage around the world. Experts are calling this incident the biggest cyber attack in history, as WannaCry had infected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries in just a single weekend. Victims include Britain’s National Health Service, Nissan Motors, Spain’s Telefónica, FedEx and many more, leading to PCs and data being encrypted and held for ransom.

What is WannaCry, why is it infecting computers worldwide, and how to defend against it? Find out the 7 quick facts you must know now. Continue reading

5 Must Have Features in a Cloud Backup Solution


Data backup is one of the most useful technologies in cloud computing. Comparing with on-premise backup, cloud backup is simple, affordable, and doesn’t require investment in infrastructure. As the owner of a small business, are you looking for a cloud backup solution for backing up your company’s Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, VMware vSphere ESXi, Windows System, as well as files in desktops and laptops? Here are 5 must have features in a cloud backup solution that keep your business’s important data safe and accessible.

1. Support of wide range of backup destinations

For the benefit of data redundancy and restore flexibility, a good cloud backup solution should allow users to back up their data to multiple destinations sequentially or concurrently, including any preferred public cloud storage such as Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft OneDrive, and also local drive, network share, and FTP/SFTP server. This gives you multiple layers of protection.

2. Top-notch data security

In the past, a number of cloud-based solution providers failed to offer complete data security, giving hackers and intruders opportunities to access business companies’ crucial information.
Managed users access, authentication, and encryption are essential to protecting sensitive information. As the highest level of security measure, data should be encrypted by default with AES 256-bit truly randomized encryption key, especially when users are backing up to public cloud.

3. High speed backup and recovery

Backup is commonly perceived as a time and resources consuming process. A complete cloud backup solution should be designed with advanced technologies to make backup a fast and efficient process. For example, block-level incremental backup technology breaks down files into blocks so that only changed blocks are backed up each time; and multi-threading utilizes computing power of multiple CPU cores for creating multiple backup and restore threads to turbocharge the backup and restore performance.

4. Unlimited retention of data versions

Historical versions of business data are crucial if the more recent versions are lost. Users should be allowed to define flexible versioning rules using custom retention policy setup. It would be best that users can set multiple daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly retention policies to flexibly suit various compliance and regulatory needs.

5. Reliable technical support

Technical issues are one of the common painpoints in every business’s daily operations. If you or your employees could not restore a critical file after accidental deletion, the cost could be huge.
That’s why a complete cloud backup solution must be coupled with a professional technical support service. It’s important to review the available customer support options prior to signing up for it.
A good service offers email support, telephone support, and even live text chat to help you troubleshoot. It would be better if the solution provider can provide a knowledgebase where users can easily find the FAQs and the resolutions.


Do you have any advice for cloud backup? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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Four Ways to Capitalize on Cloud Backup This Year


In 2014, data loss cost businesses $1.7 trillion. Cloud backup helps saves you big money by securing your business from data loss.

But even doing the right thing and protecting your data can still be costly. Needing to make efficient use of tight IT budgets is common, and we want to help you understand how the right cloud backup service can save you even more money:

Multiple Device backup Plans

Cloud backup solution, nowadays, offer multiple device backup plans. You only have to pay once, and the software will backup data from your computer, tablet, smartphone and other devices.

There are many cloud backup solutions that charge fees per device. So, why pay more when you can get a cheaper and efficient solution? Stay away from all such solution providers, and opt for the ones that offer an all-in-one device solution.

Tough Encryption

There are some losses that might cost you your business. As mentioned before, data loss is one of them. With the increased use and importance of data in businesses, it is important for you to make sure that the cloud software that you choose offers encryption.

Not only will this protect your data, but you also save yourself from losing thousands of dollars. Instances such as data modification and fabrication occur due to poor data security. Implementing cloud services without paying attention to encryption caused 350 companies to suffer huge losses in 2015.

Built-in Speed Boosting Technologies

Time is money. And does it take a lot of time for you to backup your data? Well, not anymore with built-in speed boosting technologies.

Companies developing cloud software are paying close attention to these technologies in order to reduce the time spent in backing up data. With an efficient cloud backup solution like CloudBacko, you can backup up a large 500GB Exchange EDB overnight. The software is manufactured with multi-thread, concurrent backup to multiple destinations, in-file delta block-level incremental backup, configurable compression, etc. which increases the backup speed.

Backing up in Real-time

Why not save time and invest it in growing your business? With the right cloud backup solution, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money and focus on improving your business. Efficient cloud storage solutions offer continuous backup in the background i.e. all your work will be backed in real-time.

All the changes that you’re making to the content will be backed up automatically without any effort.

CloudBacko – one of the most efficient cloud backups in the market offers you the chance to capitalize on your investment! The software offers incredible encryption services with a 256-bit truly randomized key, backs up data in real-time, and saves time with its lightning fast backup speed.

Why you Need Cloud Backup at Home

Why you Need Cloud Backup at Home

Why you Need Cloud Backup at Home

Cloud backup – the term is used a lot in businesses. However, the lesser known fact is, cloud backups are as beneficial for regular users as for companies. Many home users use the bricklike block i.e. hard drive to store all their data. While hard drives are useful data storage devices, they are not reliable.

You might be wondering what’s wrong with backing up data in hard drive. Here’s why you need to get rid of that brick:

Ease of Use

You probably must know the importance of backing up data regularly. However, doing so will be time consuming if you back up using hard drives. Things are different with cloud backup. All you need is internet access to back up your files. You can even program cloud backups to take place automatically. Schedule them once, and backup will occur at the same time, every day automatically.

Simple to Share

Backing up data in hard drive only makes the data accessible through the computer in which it is stored in. It’s the opposite with cloud backups. You can access all backed up data from anywhere, any computer, smartphone, tablet and other devices.

Unmatched Security

External hard drives do not offer the security that cloud backups offer. All your personal information and data is stored in your hard drive; thus it is essential that you secure it. Hard drives are not as safe and secure as cloud backups. Cloud backups are secured through encryption and no one, other than authorized people can access it.

Unlimited Storage Size

Hard drives can store limited amount of data. However, with cloud backup you will be able to store unlimited amount of data. This extra storage does not come with a price tag. You can get cloud backups at extremely affordable rates. So, no matter how much stuff you need to store, cloud backups have you covered.

Offer Reliability

What if your hard drive crashes? Will you be able to retrieve your data? Cloud backups help in eliminating this problem and serve as a reliable backup solution. Data is backed in the cloud, thus there is no risk of data loss at any time.

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost effective cloud backup solution for storing your personal information, look no further than CloudBacko. The software offers a wide range of cloud storage services with encryption for home as well as office users.

Microsoft Azure: Why Should You Choose It?

A company’s infrastructure is hardly ever based on a random selection. That is why for cloud space, most people are turning to Microsoft Azure. Unlike other giants in the industry, Azure had a very slow start, and the reason behind that was that most of its details were sparse and users were left confused as to what makes one option better than the other.

Microsoft Azure offers end-to-end support from the infrastructure to your OS to all your applications. This happens because Azure can work seamlessly with all existing Microsoft applications. This is something that most of Microsoft Azure’s famous competitors can’t offer. Microsoft Azure also happens to be the only cloud provider that is certified for Oracle applications and databases.

If you still need more convincing then you read the following list of key features that will prove that Microsoft Azure is one of the best options to choose.

Media Services

With Microsoft Azure, you can create end to end media workflows with flexible and highly scalable encoding, packaging, and distribution services, and with that you can deliver any type of media, on any type of device, any time you want. Basically this means that you can securely encode, package, store and upload both audio and video content for live streaming and on demand delivery for a wide variety of endpoints which include Mobile Devices, PC and TV.

Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is considered a complete cloud solution for broad identity and access management. Its robust abilities can manage users & groups. The Active Directory even helps you to secure access to various other applications that include online services of Microsoft like Office 365. However, it is not limited to that because Azure Active Directory can help you securely access man non-Microsoft SaaS applications as well, meaning that you can facilitate single sign-on to simplify user access to numerous cloud applications from Android, Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

Mobile Services

The Mobile Services offered by Microsoft Azure are scalable and secure backend that can be applied to power apps on any platform bet it iOS, Android, Windows or even Mac. Azure Mobile Services makes storing app data in the cloud easy. They also authenticate users and send push notifications.

Hybrid Solution

The ability to easily move between on-premises and the public cloud is only provided by Microsoft’s consistent platform approach. Microsoft Azure utilizes the open VHD standard that permits you to seamlessly move your workloads from your datacenter to Azure or even a hosting service provider and back to on-premises, meaning that you basically get the wide choice and the flexibility to handle all your unique business needs and existing technology investments.

On all fronts, Microsoft Azure comes across as a clear winner and something every organization must seriously consider incorporating in its infrastructure if it hasn’t already. Ultimately the only issue is security. Not that Microsoft doesn’t provide ample security already but it doesn’t hurt to be double sure. For that, you can use CloudBacko, the best cloud backup software out in there. Microsoft Azure is one of the many cloud backup services as backup destinations. CloudBacko will help you encrypt all your data before sending it to azure. For more information about this amazing software, visit http://www.cloudbacko.com/

Web & FTP: The Top Malware Risks

Most home users and even a lot of organizations completely depend upon anti-virus solutions to keep them safe. On the surface everything seems to be running smoothly but researchers have found something that says something very different.

Malware Risks

A recent study has revealed the fact that traditional anti-virus solutions are not identifying the vast majority of malware infecting networks via real time applications that include web browsing.

Palo Alto Networks is supposedly the first industry report to examine the actions of anonymous malware throughout its lifecycle in its Modern Malware Review. According to the review, the networks WildFire malware analysis service, that monitors the networks anti-virus systems, completely failed to detect 26,000 different malware samples. The most shocking thing discovered by the review was it was web browsing and web proxies that delivered 94% of the completely undetected malware found on networks.

Researchers also discovered that 70% of malware delivered left identifiers in their traffic/payload that is usually used by security teams for detection. While on the other hand 40% of malware (that looks more or less unique) is nothing but repackaged versions of the reoccurring code.

One of the key finding of the study was that it found File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to be responsible for introducing malware to networks, or as a highly effective method for introducing malware at least. According to the study, out of all the malware delivered to the network via FTP, 95% of them could remain undetected for over thirty days. This happens because modern malware, according to the study, is highly capable of keeping itself from being discovered on a host device.

The review focused on discovering techniques used by malware to go undetected for extended period of time and discovered over thirty different techniques utilized by malware for evading security. The study discovered that behavioral patterns of almost half of the malware were focused on remaining undetected.

Secure is simply not secure anymore. Until better security protocols are implemented, this will continue to be the case. Malware not only breech you privacy in the worst possible way but cab also corrupt your entire data and render it unrecoverable.

What’s the Solution?

CloudBacko is one of the best cloud backup software out currently. The software guarantees 100% secure ftp backup meaning that it will be completely protected from outside threats. CloudBacko is the perfect backup solution as it offers backup to unlimited cloud destinations your files, servers, databases, virtual machines and even your workstations. To get this software right now, visit http://www.cloudbacko.com/

How Does Microsoft OneDrive for Business Help You?

Most people were left scratching their heads when Microsoft decided to rebrand SkyDrive Pro to OneDrive for Business. ‘Is it the same thing?’, ‘Is it completely different?’, and most importantly, ‘How will it help?’ were just some of the questions voiced.

But mostly people wanted to know what it does. Well, here are the answers to all those questions.

·  What is Microsoft OneDrive for Business?

Essentially, Microsoft OneDrive for Business is the one stop shop where you can share, sync and store your work files. Either by being a part of SharePoint Server 2013, or Office 365, Microsoft OneDrive for Business allows you to share and update your files from just about anywhere. And it lets you work on Office Documents with others simultaneously.

The thing you have to note at this point Microsoft OneDrive for Business is completely different from Microsoft OneDrive which is basically intended for personal storage. OneDrive for Business was designed especially for the workplace. It is also not similar to Office 365 team site which is intended for only storing project or team related documents. But you can use both OneDrive for Business and Office 365 team site to set up file storage for small businesses.

· How does Microsoft OneDrive for Business Help You?

If, your library for OneDrive for Business is hosted on SharePoint in your organization then the administrator for your organization can determine how much storage space you actually need. However, if you are using Office 365, then you then you can get 1TB in the cloud for OneDrive for Business.

On OneDrive for Business, all files you ever store will always remain private. That is, unless you decide to share them with them. On OneDrive for Business gives you the choice of with sharing the files with everyone in the organization share files with only specified members to share information or to collaborate on projects.

Another great thing about this service is that the next time you have to email an attachment through the Outlook Web App, you can simply send a OneDrive for Business link instead of the whole file. By sending the link, you will be able to allow the person on the other end to edit the file as they see fit and to safely store it without affecting the previous version of the file. This also helps you save space as instead of downloading and working on a file, your co-workers can just work on the link you sent them.

In short, this service was designed to make the process of sharing, syncing and storing pertinent work related data run smooth. But if you are still worried about security, then you can use CloudBacko. This software offers Microsoft OneDrive for Business as a cloud backup destination along with numerous others. CloudBacko is by the best cloud backup software out in the market and can be used to secure your private or work related data 100% secure. You can visit http://www.cloudbacko.com/ to get this software right now.

The Comprehensive Backup Features Offered by CloudBacko are Second to None

One of the many reasons why numerous users are opting for CloudBacko every day is because not only does this amazing cloud backup software help you to keep your data 100% safe, but it does that while keeping you in charge throughout the process. Along with the promise of keeping sensitive data always secure, CloudBacko also offers a comprehensive list of backup features that are, hands down, second to none.

70% of all large organizations and 20-30% of all small organizations suffer a major disaster of critical data loss at least once every five years. For over 60% of those organizations, only one episode of critical data loss is enough to shut them down. This happens mostly because, even today, a lot of both big and small organizations do not have an effective data recovery plan designed and implemented. Because of that, recovering from data loss becomes next to impossible in most cases. Around 60-70% of critical data loss, that can cause severe business disruption, can be blamed on internal malfunction, hardware or software malfunction, or on human error.

An effective contingency plan needs to be in place to ensure that these factors cannot add to the disruption. The solution to all these problems can be found in one, appropriately packaged, software, CloudBacko. Both individuals and large organizations have tried this software and swear by its comprehensive backup features which help them recover lost data in next to no time at all.

According to Samuel Chan, Development Director at CloudBacko, “We fully understand how disastrous data loss can be, and how data critical data recovery becomes at that point. Our comprehensive backup features ensure that you can recover from any type of disaster because they have been prepared with every sort of contingency in mind.”

The backup features include continuous backup in Windows environment, unlimited backup sets, step-by-step backup set creation wizard, file permission backup, connection testing for each cloud storage, proxy support, open file backup in Windows environment, Windows User Authentication support, backup reminders in windows machine, sequential backup to multiple destinations, unlimited scheduling per backup set and many, many more.

Along with backup features CloudBacko also offers unlimited backup destination support, virtual machine backup, application & file backup, uncompromised security, lightening fast performance, flexible retention and multi platform support.

About the Company

CloudBacko Corporation is a private company located in the British Virgin Islands. The company offers specialized backup and recovery software/tools for businesses which enable them to safely back up their servers and workstations to the cloud and local storage. The company’s products are compatible with a huge selection of database servers and workstations.

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