Top 10 Thing to Consider Before Choosing a Cloud Backup Service (Part 2)

What do you think of when you think of the perfect cloud backup service? Cool features, adaptability, rates, competition, user advantages? Granted these are very important issues to think about. But they are not by any means the most important. When opting for a cloud service that will be just right for you, you have to consider things that you won’t actually be able to see on the surface. These things actually determine how great your user experience is going to be.

6.  Reliability

Before even thinking about signing up for a service, you need to determine its reliability. And on top of that list is the margin of error. You need to find exactly how high or low your vendor’s margin of error is. Has the service suffered power outages for a long duration of time? How often does the service go down for maintenance? How badly is it affected by bugs? Has the service been hijacked sometime in the past? Is the company reliable? These are just some of the very important questions you need to find answers to, even if the vendor is not openly forthcoming.

7. Availability

Have you determined the availability of the service? Some cloud based backup services do not offer real time accessibility. Most businesses need data accessibility 24/7. How will you be able to retrieve or update that data if the service is not available round the clock? What if you live at the opposite end of the world? How will your vendor be able to cater to your needs with such limitations? Make sure you get an answer to all these questions; if the vendor deflects, then reconsider your options.

8.     Trustworthy

Are you sure that the service is trustworthy enough for your private and sensitive data? Making this decision with your eyes closed might come back to haunt you. You need to be able to trust the service enough to backup your private and sensitive data knowing that it will be as safe there as it will be on your own hard drive.

9. References

It is your right to ask the vendor straight out to provide you with a list of customer references. The number should be three at the very least. You can ask the customers about their satisfaction level and base your decision on that. If the customers give you mixed responses, then ask the vendor three more names to help you make your decision.

10. Security

Different services provide different levels of security. You need to determine the value of your data and consider all the scenarios that will come about should your data be lost or hijacked. If the cost is too much and security is not at par with it, then you need to look for another service. One thing you have to know though: None of the services will be able to offer you 100% security. You never know when their security might be compromised. That is why you need to ensure that the data is secured on your end first before you back it up. This will provide your data double the security and you will rest easy knowing that your data will not be used for any ill means.

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Backup Data Do’s and Don’ts

Opting to move your data to a cloud based backup is one of the smartest decisions to make. Every day more and more computer users are taking this initiative – be it for personal reasons or professional. Should your system or storage device suffer some type of calamity, you will rest easy knowing that all your data is safe and sound on a cloud service and can be recovered from anywhere and anytime you want.

But even after choosing a very reliable and dependable cloud storage service, there are some do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind to make your data migration successful.


Estimate how much storage you are going to need. You need to determine this by factoring in your current needs, and any and all future needs. If you don’t factor in future needs, you may have to repeat the entire process all over again, bearing additional costs.


Don’t be deterred by the initial costs. Expensive things don’t necessarily guarantee the best quality; however, they do offer great value. The bottom line is that you should opt for service that fulfills all your needs. Search multiple cloud based services for it. If you find everything you are looking for then go for it, even if the price is just a little bit high. We are talking about the safety of your data here. So try not to skimp.


Compare features of various cloud backup services. Sometimes they can make all the difference. You need to find out if the features offered by the service are going to be useful for your day to day activities. You need to do this because often cloud services charge extra for some services. This will help you determine whether you are being made to pay for features you don’t even want.


Customer support is instrumental. Don’t even think about overlooking this option. You can never be sure about what kind of help you might or might not need in the future. In fact, you should verify the customer support option even before signing up for the service. The customer support should include phone support, email support and even live chat support.


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5 Things You Must Do Before Moving Your Data To Cloud

If you own a business and want to expand it quickly then surely you must have deduced that storing all your data on a cloud based backup service will not only save you time and money now, but it will also prove to be beneficial in the future. However, transferring large amounts of data safely and securely should never be taken lightly. An individual’s cloud storage requirements can be satisfied easily, but businesses, both big and small must take these steps before data migration begins.

1.     Double Check the Industry Certifications of Your Chosen Cloud Vendor

Just because your cloud vendor says that they can keep your data secure doesn’t mean that you should take their word for it. Before you even think of transferring your data, you need to ensure that the vendor is up to date on all their industry certifications which require them to comply with the security and privacy policies.

2.     Determine the Actual Rates Beforehand

Some cloud storage services mislead customers by often including hidden charges in the final payable amount. You might think that you will pay only a certain amount when in actuality you might end up paying a whole lot more. Ask them to disclose all the hidden charges and determine what extra services are going to cost you before choosing your cloud vendor.

3.     Don’t Waste Money on Extra Storage

An organization’s needs might increase or decrease as per the growth of the company. Don’t go over your budget to buy extra storage space for future needs if they are still not determined. Otherwise this will significantly impact your yearly budget. Make adjustments to the storage space you require on a monthly basis.

4.     Make Sure You Have a Backup Plan

If after using the service, you are not satisfied with it, or discover any flaws, then you need a quick alternative to shift your data as fast as possible. That is why you should keep a backup plan ready when searching for the right cloud storage service for you.

5.     Don’t Leave the Task of Encryption to the Vendor

One of the biggest threats businesses face is having their sensitive data stolen. Data theft can result in huge financial losses and prove to a major roadblock in the progress of a business. That is why you must encrypt the data yourself before uploading it. Cloud vendors might offer you server side encryption, but always remember that the storage providers can easily decrypt the data they encrypt.

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