CloudBacko Latest v2.7.0.2 Supports Dropbox API v2

CloudBacko v2.7.0.2 is released now. It now supports Dropbox API v2. Users using Dropbox as cloud destination or cloud backup source are recommended to upgrade on or before 28 Jun 2017.

Read the Release Notes of this version at:

Please note that update from v2.1.0.0/v2.2.2.0 to v2.7.0.2 via Software Update is not supported. Users are required to download and upgrade to v2.7.0.2 with CloudBacko installer available at:

If you have questions regarding upgrade your existing CloudBacko software to this release, please create a post to our support forum at:

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Cloud storage backup performance testing with 100,000 files

Okay, I bet most of the users of CloudBacko would like to know the backup speed performance of cloud storage that CloudBacko supports. So, we’ve done a simple test by backing up 100,000 small files to the 6 most popular storage, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Dropbox (free), Google Drive (free), Microsoft OneDrive (free).

Here’s the result:

Time used for backing 100000 files with CloudBacko

Microsoft Azure 6 min 58 sec
Google Cloud Storage 7 min 41 sec
Amazon S3 8 min 20 sec
Dropbox (free) 9 min 47 sec
Google Drive (free) 14 min 15 sec
Microsoft OneDrive (free) 47 min 21 sec*

This test result is for reference only. It may vary upon  geographical location, bandwidth available, machine specification, hard drive speed, and other factors. If you want to do the test with the same 100,000 files, you can download the zipped file by clicking here. Unzip it to a local hard drive, and then create an individual backup set for each cloud storage. Run a full backup to each cloud storage to test the speed.

*Due to the limitation of Microsoft OneDrive free account, backup to Microsoft OneDrive took much longer.

Machine used in our test

  • Intel Core i3 540@3.07MHZ
  • Windows 2008 R2 Standard
  • 8 GB RAM
  • C: 70GB SAS drive
  • D: 1.8 TB RAID 0 (7200 RPM SATA II)
  • Internet connection: 100MBit (shared)
  • CloudBacko Pro version used:
  • Backup set created with CloudBacko Pro, and the test files (backup source) are located on D drive
  • Geographical location: Hong Kong

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How to backup Microsoft SQL Server to Dropbox and Local Drive

Need to backup Microsoft SQL Server to cloud and local hard drive? This video shows you how you can easily backup your Microsoft SQL Server to Dropbox and local drive with CloudBacko Pro cloud and local backup software.

CloudBacko Pro now offers 30 days free trial software with all features enabled for you to test all its functionalities. Download it at:

How to use Dropbox as a backup destination for CloudBacko backup software

Most home users have Dropbox and Google Drive for syncing documents across different machines, as well as sharing documents to friends and colleagues. However, CloudBacko lets you make use of Dropbox for another similar yet different purpose, backup. Why use CloudBacko for backing data to Dropbox while users can directly backup to there. Well, first of all, CloudBacko will encrypt all the data on your local machine before transmitting the data to Dropbox. And we’ll encrypt all the Filenames and Contents so that no one from Dropbox will be able to know what you have backed up. Another different is that we allow you to group unlimited Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive accounts into one, so that you can essentially get “unlimited free cloud storage” for backup. Multiple accounts from Dropbox can also be grouped. This is a feature you won’t get from a single Dropbox account.

Okay, this video shows you how you can use Dropbox as a backup destination.