CloudBacko released v1.11, supporting Windows 10, VMware ESXi 6 and vCenter 6

CloudBacko, a fast growing cloud backup software vendor, today announced the release of version 1.11. This version comes with the support of the latest Windows 10, VMware ESXi 6 and vCenter 6, allowing businesses and home users to backup Windows System, virtual machine, database, server, PC and Mac to public cloud storage as well as local and USB hard drive. Besides, the version also supports Microsoft OneDrive for Business as the backup destination in addition to personal OneDrive.

Windows 10 already comes with the System Image Backup utility that allows users to effortlessly backup the whole system image. So, why CloudBacko is still necessary? Cloud and encryption are the two key differentiators.

“CloudBacko is able to backup the entire Windows image, not only to user’s local hard drive, but also to the public cloud storage, for disaster recovery. A wide range of cloud storage choices is available. Home users can choose to free storage such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox. Businesses can use Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, FTP, etc.” said Samuel Chan, CloudBacko’s Development Director.

“Since data are backed up to cloud, people would worry about the security and privacy issues. CloudBacko comes with the strongest encryption feature, that will use a 256-bit truly randomized key to encrypt the data on the local computer before sending to the cloud, leaving hackers zero chance to hack the data. It thus gives people peace of mind for backing up data to the cloud.” Samuel explained the advantage of the product’s encryption feature.

For businesses, the added VMware ESXi 6 and vCenter 6 support allows them to backup the guest virtual machines in these latest VMware hosts. Most importantly, VMware ESXi free version users can still enjoy the use of CloudBacko Pro’s free ESXi backup module to backup unlimited VMs with an ESXi host.

Similar to personal OneDrive, OneDrive for Business is a place for business users to store, sync, and share work files. CloudBacko now lets businesses to utilize their available space in OneDrive for Business for storing 256-bit encrypted backup data.

About CloudBacko

CloudBacko is a cloud backup software vendor specialized in developing cloud backup solution for businesses of any sizes. It currently has 3 different solutions for different types of users. CloudBacko Home is primarily designed for home users, while CloudBacko Pro and CloudBacko Lite are for businesses. Visit CloudBacko website at for more product and pricing information.

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Adeline Wong
CloudBacko Corporation
Address: Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive, P.O. Box 3469, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

CloudBacko offers VMware ESXi free version backup module for Free

Starting from our newly released version 1.5, CloudBacko decided to offer the add-on backup module for VMware ESXi Free Version free of charge. That means with as low as $39, one can use CloudBacko Pro to backup unlimited guest virtual machines in VMware ESXi Free Version host, using non-VDDK backup mode. CloudBacko Pro is probably the only backup solution in the market that is able to perform VM level backup for VMware ESXi Free Version.

Download free trial version to test it out on your own ESXi Free Version host: