An Introduction to Microsoft Exchange Online


Answer, hand on heart:

How many times have you tried searching the term Microsoft Exchange Online or asked your business peers about it, still to be left wondering in the end what it actually is?

Do you want all your questions to be conveniently answered in plain and simple English?

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The Importance of Backing Up Office 365


Ever since Microsoft redesigned its exclusive Office application suite with the integrated cloud based functionality—available as Office 365—document management, accessibility, and streamlining business workflows has become easy and convenient.

That being said, the deployment of the solution comes with a catch. Continue reading

Why Is It Necessary to Backup Office 365?


Most organizations choose to back up their Office 365 files to deal with potential data loss issues. Important documents and files can easily be lost due to malicious attacks or accidental file deletions by employees.

In order to ensure that the availability of your data is not disrupted, a complete backup of your Office 365 data is required. Continue reading

How to configure Office 365 admin settings before you can backup all 365 users’ mailboxes and emails


If you’re an administrator of Office 365 planning to backup the mailbox contents and emails of all your 365 users to your local storage or to another cloud storage from another cloud provider other than Microsoft,  CloudBacko Pro backup software offers you an easy way to accomplish this goal. However, before being able to back up all your 365 users’ mailbox contents and emails, you need to properly configure your administrator settings in your Office 365 account. Let’s take a look at these required configurations. Continue reading

6 Benefits of using non-Microsoft solution to backup Office 365 Exchange Online


As an administrator for the entire Office 365 Exchange Online account of your organization, you should have probably known there are two limitations of the backup offered by Office 365.

Firstly, Microsoft’s backups are for internal use only and not available to customers. Besides, if your users have accidentally deleted their mails from their inboxes and also removed the deleted mails from the Deleted Items folder, those mails will be forever gone after the hard retention period of 14 days offered by Office 365. Also, there’s no way for you to move your backed up mails to another Office 365 organization.

By using a well-designed third party non-Microsoft backup software for backing up your entire Office 365 Exchange Online organization, you should be able to enjoy these 6 key benefits: Continue reading

Why Backup Office 365 Mailbox and Email


Moving business workloads to the cloud becomes prevalent nowadays, and millions of organizations have migrated their on-premises Exchange email infrastructure to Office 365 Exchange Online. With the assumption that data running in the cloud is always available, people may not realize their Exchange data could ever be lost. After all, Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime and the Office 365 data should be secure within their data centers. The unfortunate fact is, Office 365 data is not as safe as many think. As administrators, if you are serious about your Office 365 Exchange data, take a closer look and you will find good reasons to backup Office 365 data to on-premises data center of your own. Continue reading