What is Point-in-Time Recovery?

Ask yourself this: if given a chance to recover important lost data, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity to recover it?

Loss does not bode well for anything, but for businesses, it could be proved to be especially detrimental. One of the worst types of losses a business could suffer is data loss. Data loss, whether due to human error or machine malfunction, can hurt businesses financially and could prove to be a blow to their reputation.

The good news is that thanks to cloud backup services, data can be conveniently stored for easy recovery. But wouldn’t it be preferable if you could restore your data the way it was before system malfunction corrupted it? Well, one of the best cloud backup software, CloudBacko, is offering you just that with their new feature, Point-in-Time recovery.

What is Point-in-Time Recovery?

In regards to computers, Point-in-Time Recovery allows administrators to restore systems to a specific time from where a specific set of data can be easily recovered.

Databases with Point-in-Time capability, start logging everything from the very beginning. This ability is what makes the restoration process from database backup very easy.

Situations Where Point-in-Time Recovery Can be Very Useful

  • Human error, miscommunication and machine malfunction can sometimes corrupt data. This can make the entire working day come to a standstill. With Point-in-Time recovery, you can literally go back in time before the corruption occurred. This will allow you to continue the work without any hindrance. Also, it will give you the opportunity to avoid the mistake due to which the data got corrupted in the first place.
  • Though data loss is the primary reason why this feature is utilized, it is not always the case. Files and databases often need to be modified to fit the criterion of a particular project. The modified data is further tailored by other teams to bring forth the final outcome. But it happens more often than not, that teams working on the project would need to view a specific data set before it was modified for one reason or another. At that point, the administrator can restore the data to a specific time and date as far back as the team needs.

The Point-in-Time Recovery feature offered by CloudBacko has the ability to save you from hassles pertaining to data corruption and modification. Apart from this feature, we offer backup services to unlimited cloud backup destinations, uncompromised security and fast performance.

4 essential features for your next server backup and recovery tool

Data backup and recovery is important for any individual and company. Without effective cloud backup solutions anyone can face huge losses in data, not to mention the costs of data loss associated with it. Companies today, rely immensely on the large amounts of data it has stored in its dedicated servers in order to operate efficiently. Some of this data is confidential and requires security protection of the highest level. For all these reasons and more it is important to use the best server backup software and recovery tool. Some features of a good server backup and recovery tool are discussed below:

Allows Backup to Unlimited Destinations

Any good data recovery and backup tool will allow you to back your data to multiple locations. This flexibility allows you access to date from any location. With maximum or unlimited location storage options available you can choose the one that suits your needs best and you find comfortable working with. Some options for unlimited destinations should include Amazon S3, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, FTP sites, AWS API Compatible storages and external USB drive.

The Ability to Give One Access to All Locations

having data storage in different cloud locations such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and FTP sites, it will not make much sense if you will have to access all of it separately. Good backup software will allow you to combine all the different data locations as one making it easier to access data.

Uncompromised Security

Security is a feature that should not be overlooked at any cost. Data is the heart of any business and if that is compromised, the business can collapse. Any good backup and data recovery software will provide uncompromised security including password lock, file and folders name encryption, local encryption, and secure military-grade data encryption.

Fast Performance

A good data backup and recovery tool must be quick in terms of making the backup and retrieving it when needed. It should be able to compress the data for storage to enable more space and retrieve it for use within seconds. Any kind of delay in data recovery can cost a business in terms of profitability and of course, reputation.

Do you use a data recovery tool that offers exceptional performance? Find out more about our services here.