CloudBacko releases unlimited free cloud backup solution

CloudBacko just released an unlimited free cloud backup solution, CloudBacko Free. It allow users to combine various free cloud storage services into one big space, thus providing unlimited free cloud storage for backup. It is also the only cloud backup solution that encrypts the filenames as well as the data locally before storing on the cloud.

Combine all cloud storage into one

Nowadays, free cloud storage with only 15-20GB free storage cannot fulfill the needs for backing up large amount of data such as pictures, mp3s, videos, etc. However, as free storage services exist, most users are not willing to spend money on paid cloud storage service. CloudBacko Free is the solution to meet their need by leveraging the free cloud storage services provided by different service providers. CloudBacko Free can combine all the free cloud accounts of a user into one. It is even able to combine multiple accounts of the service provider, thus letting the user to get unlimited cloud space free of charge. One can always add new accounts to the space when needed.

Besides free cloud storage, CloudBacko Free supports popular paid cloud storage services, including Windows Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage. FTP, SFTP, and local drive. Thus, it is also suitable for businesses who have no budget allowed to spend on cloud backup.

Filename and content encryption with 256-bit truly randomized key

What makes people skeptical about cloud backup is the security issue, especially after the case of Edward Snowden. One wouldn’t know when the NSA is going to read his/her private data stored on the public cloud storage accounts. CloudBacko clearly understands such concern and guarantees users of unmatched security. All the data and file/folder names are encrypted with 256-bit truly randomized key on the local computer before sending the data to the cloud. That means the backed up data are impossible to be hacked, not even by supercomputer. Thus, no one, not even NSA, is able to read the backed up data.

Backup through web browser

With CloudBacko Free, everything from backup to restore is done through user’s web browser. No software is required. Thus, one can perform backup and restore anytime, anywhere. For those who need to backup to multiple cloud storages to further eliminate the possiblity of data loss, CloudBacko Free allows them to backup to all supported destinations concurrently so that multiple copies of backup can be kept on different cloud or local destinations.

How it works