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Take Full Advantage of Cloud Storage Services Using These Tips

If you are considering moving all your data to a cloud service or are in the middle of data migration, then it a very wise move to make. It doesn’t matter if the data is personal in nature or if it belongs to a corporation; transferring your data to cloud gives you a better chance of expanding your business and to keep up with the latest market trends. Services like Amazon cloud backup and Google cloud backup has made this process more convenient than before. To make it even easier, here is a list of tips that will let you take full advantage of any cloud storage service.

Automatic Update and Backup

Most, but not all, cloud services do not automatically backup or update data. This requires you to take time out of your busy schedule to do it manually, which honestly becomes counterproductive. A better solution would be to take assistance from cloud backup software that not only backs up and updates your data automatically but regularly as well. CloudBacko is one such software and in fact it is the best cloud backup software available right now.

Data Security

While backing up your data on cloud storage frees you from the hassle of storing the data through traditional means, it also creates a sense of uncertainty because there is absolutely no surety that your data will remain secure. But if there was a way to guarantee that even if the data was stolen it would remain useless to the intruders, then you might rest a little easy. CloudBacko once again proves to be an apt tool for this purpose. The software uses 256-bit truly randomized key encryption to encrypt your data, file names and all your passwords. That means that only you can access the data in its true form and no one else would be able to use it for ill means.

Keep a Local Copy

Cloud services keep your data safe from disasters such as system malfunction or human error which might either corrupt your data or erase it all together. Because of cloud storage, you can retrieve and restore your data any time you want and from literally anywhere. However, it is a smart idea to keep a local copy of your data. There are many advantages of it. For example, it enables you to have a local backup at all times and in case you want to change your cloud service, you can do that without wasting any time. CloudBacko helps you to upload your data on almost any cloud storage service in no time so you need not worry about the time it would consume.

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