The Common Challenges Encountered in Backing Up Exchange Server Data

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The Common Challenges Encountered in Backing Up Exchange Server Data

Emails are critical for the operations of all modern organizations. Hence, backing up and securing email data and files to ensure their accessibility in case of an IT disaster, is a job of utmost importance for administrators.

Where in theory the task appears simple, backing up exchange server data comes with unique set of challenges that can complicate the process.

In this article, we review the two major challenges that IT administrators have to face when running an Exchange backup protocol, and also the solutions that can be exercised to overcome these challenges.

1. Granularity is the Biggest Challenge of All

Not every email is important, and therefore the need to recover and restore an entire mailbox in most cases is unwarranted (obviously there can always be exceptionalities). Administrators, more often than not, are required to recover a specific mailbox and sometimes even just an object within it. Granular recovery is the main objective of most Exchange server data backups.

Unfortunately, the native tools are not robust enough to accommodate this need; granular recovery is not one of Exchange Server’s core strengths.

What can you do?

The solution lies with investing in a backup software that offers Exchange mailbox recovery and restoration at granular level.

2. Stretched Database

The other challenge that entails an Exchange server data backup process is that the database is often fragmented. Its availability could stretch across multiple data centers stationed at different remote locations. For instance, if someone has deployed a hybrid model, a portion of their email records will be hosted on on-site servers, while the remaining will be hosted on Office 365 cloud servers.

Accessing and recovering a complete mailbox database, as such, can be challenging.

What you can do?

One of the solutions is to update your Exchange version, for the latest products enable you to replicate dataset available on a remote data center to a local data center. This replica can then subsequently be backed up.

Overcoming the challenges of granular recovery and stretched databases enables businesses to adequately and effectively back up their email data, and the tips provided herein, serve as convenient solutions to these challenges.

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