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The Importance of Backing Up Office 365

Ever since Microsoft redesigned its exclusive Office application suite with the integrated cloud based functionality—available as Office 365—document management, accessibility, and streamlining business workflows has become easy and convenient.

That being said, the deployment of the solution comes with a catch.

Can you point it? Any guesses?

We’re talking about the inconvenience of data decentralization and the increased risk of data breaches.

How So?

Office 365 allows users to access the application suite from virtually anywhere, across any device and via any network—public, private or business.

Where your enterprise level network may be equipped with multiple and robust security layers, can you say the same about the public Wi-Fi that your employee may be using to access cloud storage?

And what about the important spreadsheet that your sales manager edited while working from home, using the application suite? That file is on his personal device and synced with the office 365 servers; it is not part of your company’s data repository.

If the laptop gets stolen or damaged, followed by a wipe-out of the entire dataset from the device mounted disk, the stored file on the server also gets deleted. You could be losing out on valuable data.

Can you afford that?

This is where the importance of backing up Office 365 data comes in.

What About the Security Encryption Feature Offered by Microsoft on Its Servers?

Where Microsoft takes active measures to ensure that the data stored on its cloud servers remains protected, no strategy can ever be full proof. There are always loopholes to be exploited, most of them appearing on account of users’ own activities.

Just look at what happened in 2016 when a Cerber ransomware attacked Microsoft’s server due to the exercised negligence of one of Office 365 customers.

Lost Data is Only Recoverable If a Backup is in Place

By backing up office 365, you can make sure that all data sets remain safe and secure, and in the event of an unintentional deletion or an IT disaster, records can be safely restored. This further helps to reduce downtime.

Searching for a Solution?

We can help. CloudBacko Corporation specializes in developing backup and recovery software, designed for seamless integration across different application platforms. From Office 365 Exchange data backup solution to MS Exchange server backups, you can find everything you need to reliably and securely backup your invaluable data. Contact us for a quote.