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The Importance of Security in Online Backup

blog_graphics_securityA recent breach of a popular cloud service has brought forth the discussion about the importance of security in cloud services. Clients, both individuals and businesses, expect their data to be secure when they choose to entrust it to a cloud service provider. If proper security protocols aren’t in place by the provider, businesses are at risk of the following:

Data Transfer Security

When your data is in transit or when it is being transferred to the cloud server, it is vulnerable to electronic interference. Anyone interested in your data doesn’t even have to hack into the servers to steal your critical data; all they need to do is ‘eavesdrop’ when your data is in transit to glean all the information they need. A simple solution would be to use CloudBacko; it encrypts your data before it is transferred to the cloud.

Cloud Server Security

Hackers pose a great risk for data stored in cloud servers. Preventing electronic theft of your data is the responsibility of the cloud service provider, but leaving it entirely in their hands is not smart. You should also consider taking precautions on your end, to keep your data secure on the servers. CloudBacko encrypts your data with a 256-bit encryption key before it is transferred to the cloud, keeping it secure.

Data Integrity

There is always the risk of data getting corrupted or some other software glitch- these technology failures can be prevented by taking some precautions. CloudBacko has a built in data integrity checking feature which alerts you if data has been compromised.

Physical Security

Keeping your data electronically secure is not enough sometimes; you also have to think about natural disasters or physical theft of the servers. Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc can damage the servers, thereby resulting in the loss of your data. The solution to this issue would be to select a service that provides data replication feature- backing up your backup at a different location.

There are many security risks that can be eliminated by using proper backup solutions. You just have to make sure that your cloud service takes every precaution to keep your data secure and that you yourself make use of CloudBacko to handle your data backup and recovery.

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