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Three Reasons Why You Should Not Store Data in Your Computer

If not computer, then where? This might have been the first question that came to your mind when you first came across this.

Today, with our lives connected to computers, all our work and personal data is stored in computer hard drives. However, you might not be aware of the risks related to computer data storage. Here are three reasons why it’s risky storing data in your computer:

Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive crashes are the most common problem of computer data storage. Due to their ease of use and affordability, their demand never drops. Additionally, there has been immense pressure on manufacturers to increase the capacity of drives.

When buying, many people consider capacity as the primary factor; with secondary significance to quality. Low quality hard drives are purchased without a second thought, increasing the risk of hard drive failures. Furthermore, hard disks contain many moving parts, which is another reason why it breaks down easily.

Power Unit Issues

Prior to hard drive failures, power units were the major cause of data storage problems in computers. Computer’s power supply unit converts main AC to low-voltage regulated DC power that is suitable for the use of computer components. Problem arises when sudden changes in voltage occur. Power supply units are unable to convert AV to DC during sudden voltage changes, which make machines non-functional. Other factors such as overheating and external damage may also cause problems making it difficult for you to access your stored data.

Cooling Devices’ Breakdown

Various fans are installed for cooling down the most intensively working computer parts. A modern desktop contains 5-6 fans inside. These intensive parts heat up more with powerful central processing units, graphic cards and other intensive spots that are installed inside the computer frame. As soon as you switch on your computer, these fans start functioning and do not stop until you switch off your machine.

Due to their extensive functioning, it is subjected to wear and tear over time. If you do not pay attention initially, the critical parts may start overheating and may even cause a chain reaction of larger problems, causing data loss.


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