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Top 4 Cloud Backup Storage Services

The introduction of cloud storage gave businesses and individuals a chance to fully organize their data, make it accessible through multi-platforms and multiple devices from anywhere in the world, to retrieve the data if their own copy was lost or corrupted, and to keep all their data safe in one place. As cloud storage grew in popularity, so did its demand and multi cloud backup services came to the fore. Out of them the top customer favorites are:

1. Amazon S3

Amazon S3 (or Amazon Simple Storage Service) is an online file storage service presented by Amazon Web Services. Amazon S3 is a great tool for developers and IT teams because it offers security, high durability and high scalability. Just like many other services offered by Amazon, Amazon S3 is easy to setup and easier to use. The simplified interface allows users to easily store and retrieve data from any device or destination. Amazon cloud backup does not charge for the initial setup. However, after the setup, users are required to pay for using Amazon S3 services like backup storage, web hosting and image hosting.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most widely used cloud back up services because it holds the unique distinction of being the only service that can run on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone, Android and even Blackberry. This means that a user’s platform or device would not prove to be a hindrance while using this service. Creating a free account on Dropbox allows users 2GB worth of space to easily store their files. However, that limit can be exceeded significantly with a paid account.

3. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive can also be considered an alternative to Dropbox as they share many features. Just like Dropbox, users are allotted 2GB of free space but if the users do not wish to purchase further space at that time, then they can take advantage of the referral program which will allows them access to further 500MB every time one of their saved contacts registers with Microsoft OneDrive..

4. Google Drive

Google cloud backup services are probably the most familiar of services. Google Drive offers an unprecedented 15 GBs worth of free space to all its users with any of its services or devices, though more can be purchased if the users wish to. It also happens to be one of the easiest services to use. Data can be easily stored and retrieved from a duplicate cloud folder on the chosen device.

These cloud backup services offer amazing features and their own level of security. But no matter how secure a cloud back up service claims to be, there is a chance that your data might be leaked, corrupted or stolen through a glitch in the system or through masterful hacking. That is why it is of utmost importance that you secure your data before you upload it. One of the best cloud backup software, CloudBacko, offers you the chance to encrypt your data using a 256-bit truly randomized key that even NSA can’t break. CloudBacko also helps you to store your data safely on all the services mentioned above and so many more. To know more about its features and products, visit