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Web & FTP: The Top Malware Risks

Most home users and even a lot of organizations completely depend upon anti-virus solutions to keep them safe. On the surface everything seems to be running smoothly but researchers have found something that says something very different.

Malware Risks

A recent study has revealed the fact that traditional anti-virus solutions are not identifying the vast majority of malware infecting networks via real time applications that include web browsing.

Palo Alto Networks is supposedly the first industry report to examine the actions of anonymous malware throughout its lifecycle in its Modern Malware Review. According to the review, the networks WildFire malware analysis service, that monitors the networks anti-virus systems, completely failed to detect 26,000 different malware samples. The most shocking thing discovered by the review was it was web browsing and web proxies that delivered 94% of the completely undetected malware found on networks.

Researchers also discovered that 70% of malware delivered left identifiers in their traffic/payload that is usually used by security teams for detection. While on the other hand 40% of malware (that looks more or less unique) is nothing but repackaged versions of the reoccurring code.

One of the key finding of the study was that it found File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to be responsible for introducing malware to networks, or as a highly effective method for introducing malware at least. According to the study, out of all the malware delivered to the network via FTP, 95% of them could remain undetected for over thirty days. This happens because modern malware, according to the study, is highly capable of keeping itself from being discovered on a host device.

The review focused on discovering techniques used by malware to go undetected for extended period of time and discovered over thirty different techniques utilized by malware for evading security. The study discovered that behavioral patterns of almost half of the malware were focused on remaining undetected.

Secure is simply not secure anymore. Until better security protocols are implemented, this will continue to be the case. Malware not only breech you privacy in the worst possible way but cab also corrupt your entire data and render it unrecoverable.

What’s the Solution?

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