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What Are The Main Types of SQL Backups?

The importance of maintaining a secure backup for the sensitive data of your organization cannot be denied. If you are using a SQL Server database, there are several backup options that you can avail to safely store your office data on a cloud repository.

Types of SQL backups

The following are the major types of backups that are available in SQL Server:

1. Full or complete backups

This kind of backup will store all your information on a secondary database. Full backups are used for large scale data recovery processes. Such processes are conducted when the working database of an organization is corrupted during a malicious attack or destroyed due to natural or manmade causes.

Since a complete backup creates a perfect image of the working database, it can be used to bring the operations of a business back online even if the original database is completely wiped out.

Full backups are hard to perform for large corporations and multinational organizations because of the sheer volume of data they deal with on a daily basis. These kinds of enterprises usually prefer the deployment of file group or differential database backup systems.

2. Differential database backups

In this type of backup, the database used for storing a copy of the original data is partitioned into various segments. Whenever the original data is backed up, the copies of the modified files and documents are stored in one of the partitions of the backup database.

Since only the modified data elements are backed up, this backup type has a limited degree of flexibility.


3. Transaction log backups

This backup format only records the modifications made to the backup database and a log is maintained for all the database transactions that are made.

4. File backups/File group backups

In a file group backup, certain groups of files are backed up on a periodic basis and only those data elements can be recovered in the event of a malware attack or system malfunction.

This backup type is employed when a limited amount of time is available for the backup routines. File group backups are quicker than the other backup types because only a selected number of data items are backed up to the cloud data repository.

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