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What You Need to Know About Block Level Incremental Backup

You need to be very careful with data which changes daily or very frequently. Most businesses prefer to keep both previous and new versions of files for various reasons. This requires businesses to backup copies of the new files created or modified for maintenance and archive. In theory, the idea of backing up everything sounds very good. But backing up too much data might give rise to issues like violating data retention policies, becoming vulnerable to data leaks and increasing the unnecessary costs of data maintenance.

How to Avoid This?

The best idea would be for you to get together with your IT and administrative team to figure out what data to keep, how long should it be kept for, how many previous or modified copies of the files to keep and how many times the data should be backed up daily. During this, you might hear the term incremental backup that allows you to backup the data without making the servers inaccessible during the duration of the backup process. Incremental backup only focuses on data that has been changed or modified since a certain point in time. There are two types of incremental backup: file level incremental backup and block level incremental backup. Out of these two, block level incremental backup is preferred most often.

Why Should You Choose Block Level Incremental Backup?

With file level incremental backup, the entire file is backed up once it is modified. This might give rise to storage issues later on. On the other hand, block level incremental backup stores the file as a series of data blocks. Whenever you modify a part of the file, only that data block is stored and the rest remains intact. The biggest advantage of block level incremental backup is that it has the potential to save you a lot of time and storage space while backing up data. Another advantage of block level incremental backup is that in case of restoration of previous versions of the files, only specific data blocks would be restored which, again, will save you time.

Before coming up with a proper backup plan, you need to consider things like how will the data backup plan affect your business and how will it cope with rapid changes. For that, the backup plan needs to remain simple, and block level incremental backup can help you ensure that.

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