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Why Cloud Backup Is Better Than The Rest

Why CloudBacko WinsWith the growing dependency of businesses on information, it is important that they backup their data. Most of these enterprises understand the daunting truth: without this data, their businesses could very well cease to exist, crumbling into dust. This is why it becomes imperative for them to have a reliable and effective data backup system in place. Cloud backup, over the last decade, has emerged as an effective and valuable way to protect data. Cloud backup is also known to be superior to traditional backup systems. Here’s why:

Reliable and Speedy Data Recovery

A cloud backup solution means that you have a reliable way of retrieving your lost data. It will store all your data instantly on an internet-based platform without any hassle. You can hire a cloud backup service provider to establish Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives and ease the process of data recovery.

Safety and Protection

With the increasing number of data intruders, storing of official and confidential data online carries the risk of the data being stolen and hacked. To counter this ever-present threat, it is imperative that businesses use encryption software. Before moving the data to a cloud vault, the files are encrypted. A key is needed for decryption which is only available with a few employees of the company.


Cloud backup services are affordable and do not incur a huge capital expenditure for companies. As compared to the features and benefits of this solution, the cost associated is quite low. Also, a number of plans are developed by the service provides with different features to help businesses choose the one that matches their business requirements.

Huge Storage Limit

Cloud backup offers a huge storage limit which helps in saving a lot of information. Some service providers offer different storage limits for home users and businesses. They combine free storage devices in order to provide their customers’ with the ultimate experience of saving their data.

No Data Loss

Want to backup multiple copies on different platforms to eliminate data loss? You can opt to create multiple copies and upload them at various cloud locations such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon and many more. No data loss even in the event of laptop/computer destruction and loss, is guaranteed with cloud backup.

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