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Why Is It Necessary to Backup Office 365?

Most organizations choose to back up their Office 365 files to deal with potential data loss issues. Important documents and files can easily be lost due to malicious attacks or accidental file deletions by employees.

In order to ensure that the availability of your data is not disrupted, a complete backup of your Office 365 data is required.

Reasons for backing up your Office 365 data

The following are some of the factors commonly involved in the loss of Office 365 data.

1. Human Error

Office 365 is an amazing office tool that allows employees to easily work with documents. Unfortunately, the ease of modifying documents also has a downside. Employees can accidentally delete vital files and cause serious problems for the organizations they work for.

In order to safeguard such untoward incidents, organization must employ an appropriate backup system that is updated in real time. This will reduce the risk of permanent data loss due to accidental file deletions.

2. Viruses and malware

Malicious programs can lead to billions of dollars’ worth of financial damage across the globe by wiping out sensitive information of various businesses and financial organizations. Anti-malware software and virus guards work quite well against most malicious cyber-attacks, but not all of them.

The most effective way of protecting your company’s information from malicious online attacks is by creating multiple copies of your data and storing them in different cloud data repositories.


3. Limited retention capabilities

While it is possible to recover certain deleted files, there is a limit to what your SaaS provider can do to restore your data. The only real way to protect the integrity of your data is by using a suitable cloud backup system.

4. Minimization of downtime

The accidental deletion of important files and documents can bring the operations of your business to a temporary halt. In order to keep the downtime of your business operations to a minimum, it is necessary to have easily accessible copies of your Office 365 data. The creation of multiple data backups for your Office 365 files will ensure that the disruption to the functioning of your business due to data loss issues is minimized.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backups

Employing a cloud-to-cloud backup solution is the finest way to secure your important data.

CloudBacko is an advanced backup software that allows you to create a secure Office 365 backup in a hassle-free way. The software also provides efficient backup options for VMware, SQL and several other kinds of software.

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