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Why Using CloudBacko for Lotus Domino Backup

Reliable and speedy backup for IBM Lotus Domino Server is very critical, but it is hard to get the right solution. However, with CloudBacko, the entire scenario becomes positive! The software helps you not only to simplify but also to enhance your recovery process. With the help of CloudBacko you can even troubleshoot the common problems once they occur.

Go through these exclusive benefits that Cloudbacko brings for your Lotus Domino and get ready to install it.

Speedy back up even for large-sized database

So far as Lotus Domino Server is concerned, CloudBacko simply has no competition. It is by far the speediest backup software existing in the marketplace that can be used locally as well as over the cloud, owing to its in-built speed enhancement technologies. Some of these technologies include configurable compression, Delta in-file incremental block-level backup, simultaneous, multi-thread backup catering to a number of destinations, and so on. For a Domino Database of size as much as 500 GB, you would be able to complete the backup process in a night.

In short, you get exactly what you need!

  • Zero downtime incremental backup
  • Multi-thread speedy backup for Domino Server Database
  • Restorability guaranteed through checking of backup pre-requisite for Domino Server
  • Simultaneous backup taking place in a range of destination
  • Direct restoration possible and you can get original database from the backup

The exclusive facility of filename encryption

CloudBacko is the most suitable solution if you are looking for optimum amount of security for your Lotus Domino Server. It can be used both online and offsite, for remote as well as cloud locations. The 256-bit key that is truly randomized makes CloudBacko the only solution for backup which is capable of encrypting almost everything, and this includes all filenames and data. No other software has the ability to read the backed up data of the Domino Server over the cloud. With this encryption system, you get the following advantageous features:

  • You obtain encryption of data to the maximum extent possible
  • There is absolutely no issue of lazy encryption keys, such as ‘123456’ or ‘abc123’ being used
  • The key is unbreakable; it would take a Pentaflops supercomputer a number of years to crack it

Convenience in use, without calling for any training

Talk of intuitive user interface and you have CloudBacko in the first row. It is indeed very easy to use! You do not require training of any sort from the experts to begin using the CloudBacko modules. A number of activities can be completed with the least effort, namely, automatic backup schedule, destination management, selection of backup sources, data restoration, backup health monitoring, amongst others. In case assistance is required, every page has a Help button, which gives you the answer you are looking for right away.

‘No data loss’ guaranteed with multi-destination backup, both local and cloud

So far as a business is concerned, data is like gold and diamond, if not more precious than these. So, you may be required to maintain a number of copies of the Domino Server backup and that too in a range of cloud and local locations. This step will do away with a possible disaster arising out of data loss. Cloudbacko ensures step-by-step as well as concurrent backing up of the IBM Domino Server for manifold destinations, such as Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, AWS compatible storages, external USB drive, local / mapped network drives, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and FTP / SFTP sites.

Backups for virtual machines, databases, and workstations

Other than Lotus Domino Server, if you have VMware and Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, MySQL, Oracle, or laptops and desktops that need backing up, CloudBacko is ready with all its essential features. And there is more! CloudBacko can even back up the complete Windows System State or Windows system image. In fact, there exists complete support for all.

Support for a range of operating platforms

Do you have machines with a number of operating systems that need constant backup? Well, this software can do that too! CloudBacko installation can be seamlessly done on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. This enables you to provide backup for every machine that you have with a single solution.

No extra charges for software update

After buying CloudBacko, automatic software update can be received whenever the same is available for free of cost. There is no need to go on paying for the software update. If you want, you may simply download a free trial of 30 days as a test drive.

Storage of unlimited versions permanently

In order to store the past versions of the server database, you can define versioning rules that are flexible. When the latest versions are required, adjust the retention policy accordingly. You may keep versions permanently if you so require.

Recovery for sure

Cloudbacko comes with a technology that ensures backup data integrity. This technology enables restore drill test to be conducted in the background every now and then. Thus the restorability of the data that is backed up is guaranteed. So, if you have any corrupt files, you can avail the option of restoring them.

Lucid reporting and insights

One of the most noteworthy features of CloudBacko is the reporting tool. With the help of this, you obtain clear-cut visibility for the backup details pertaining to each and every destination, such as log for warnings and errors, backup and restore reports, usage trend, and so on.

Why wait when everything sounds so great? Purchase CloudBacko as per your requirement and enjoy the advantage of flexible pricing through its varied modules. With free updates, state-of –the art features and affordable pricing, CloudBacko is simply irresistible.