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Why you Need Cloud Backup at Home

Why you Need Cloud Backup at Home

Why you Need Cloud Backup at Home

Cloud backup – the term is used a lot in businesses. However, the lesser known fact is, cloud backups are as beneficial for regular users as for companies. Many home users use the bricklike block i.e. hard drive to store all their data. While hard drives are useful data storage devices, they are not reliable.

You might be wondering what’s wrong with backing up data in hard drive. Here’s why you need to get rid of that brick:

Ease of Use

You probably must know the importance of backing up data regularly. However, doing so will be time consuming if you back up using hard drives. Things are different with cloud backup. All you need is internet access to back up your files. You can even program cloud backups to take place automatically. Schedule them once, and backup will occur at the same time, every day automatically.

Simple to Share

Backing up data in hard drive only makes the data accessible through the computer in which it is stored in. It’s the opposite with cloud backups. You can access all backed up data from anywhere, any computer, smartphone, tablet and other devices.

Unmatched Security

External hard drives do not offer the security that cloud backups offer. All your personal information and data is stored in your hard drive; thus it is essential that you secure it. Hard drives are not as safe and secure as cloud backups. Cloud backups are secured through encryption and no one, other than authorized people can access it.

Unlimited Storage Size

Hard drives can store limited amount of data. However, with cloud backup you will be able to store unlimited amount of data. This extra storage does not come with a price tag. You can get cloud backups at extremely affordable rates. So, no matter how much stuff you need to store, cloud backups have you covered.

Offer Reliability

What if your hard drive crashes? Will you be able to retrieve your data? Cloud backups help in eliminating this problem and serve as a reliable backup solution. Data is backed in the cloud, thus there is no risk of data loss at any time.

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost effective cloud backup solution for storing your personal information, look no further than CloudBacko. The software offers a wide range of cloud storage services with encryption for home as well as office users.