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With CloudBacko You Are Guaranteed Uncompromised Security & Lightning Fast Performance Every Time

When you hear the words ‘the best cloud backup software’ then there is only one name that comes to mind and that is CloudBacko. With just this one software you can backup any file type, servers, databases, virtual machines and even workstations to any cloud destination you want. This is a feat that cannot be matched by any other software available anywhere in the market or the web. Industry experts call CloudBacko the perfect solution for all backup needs because with CloudBacko, you are guaranteed uncompromised security and lightning fast performance every time.

Cloud storage definitely helps to save on the costs of traditional storage methods, and has made it extremely easy and convenient to access data from anywhere using any device. But storing data on cloud comes with multitudes of threats which include data breach and corruption among many others. By using the wrong tool to backup our data to the cloud storage service we also stand the chance to have our precious time wasted. To avoid all, many individuals and top organizations are turning to CloudBacko. With its uncompromised security, you no longer have to worry about your data being stolen or corrupted and with its lightning fast performance you can upload, download and access your data at super fast speed.

According to Samuel Chan, Development Director of CloudBacko, “The uncompromised security promised by CloudBacko is made possible by 256-bit military grade data encryption, AES/Twofish/DEsede encryption algorithm, file folders and name encryption, local encryption before transmitting and password localization. Even a supercomputer would find it hard to break the 256-bit truly randomized encryption. These methods of encryptions make it impossible for even NSA to access your stored data. Our performance is made lightning fast by fast multi-thread back & restoration, block level incremental/differential backup and configurable data compression level. All ensures that the user experience continues to run smoothly.”

CloudBacko is a cloud / online / offsite / remote / local backup solution for backing up Microsoft Exchange Server (EDB and mail level backups), Microsoft SQL Server, VMware vSphere ESXi (both Paid and Free versions), Hyper-V, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, Oracle Database, MySQL, Windows System, Windows System State, as well as Files in desktops and laptops. CloudBacko supports them all can help you store them to cloud destinations like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure, FTP sites, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and many others.