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With CloudBacko’s Flexible Retention Feature, you can set up Custom Retention Policies

CloudBacko allows you to better manage your backup retention with custom retention policies


Most businesses and individual users today choose to backup their data on more than one location. Individually managing and monitoring all your data backups can be tedious; not to mention it can cause many data redundancy and storage space issues. To avoid such problems and for a seamless data backup and restoration process, CloudBacko is the perfect software.

CloudBacko is backup and restoration management software which offers many useful features for users to make their backup and restoration tasks much easier. One of its most amazing features is that of flexible retention. It helps you define the period or duration you want to retain any particular backup for.

You can choose the days for which you want to retain the backup file from the simple ‘Retention Policy’ window in CloudBacko. The window allows you to select the days for which the backup should be retained. If you want to retain the backup files forever, then you can type in ‘99999’ which will signify that you want to keep the backup forever.

Samuel Chan, CloudBacko’s Development Director, talked about the flexible retention feature. He said, “The retention policy in CloudBacko is very simple to set up. You can select one of the two options, either Simple or Advanced, and choose the particular time period you want to retain the data for. The two options are currently only available on the Pro and Lite versions; however, the Free version does offer the Simple retention option to the users.”

In CloudBacko’s Pro and Lite versions, the Advanced retention policy option is also available. This option lets you add your own customized retention policy or choose from one of the pre-determined retention policies. You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly retention policies. You can choose to create unlimited retention policies for each backup set using this flexible retention option.

Developers of CloudBacko have focused on making their software very easy to use so that it can offer simplification of procedures involved in the backup and restore process. For example, when you are setting up a backup set, a step by step backup set creation wizard will guide you through your backup creation. And CloudBacko offers the same courtesy to users when they are restoring the files; the simple file explorer interface allows you restore your files effortlessly.