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CloudBacko GO Backup and Restore Solution

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CloudBacko App

Step 1:
Tap or scan this QR Code to install CloudBacko App onto your mobile device

Step 2:
Download and install CloudBacko Home onto your home computer

Step 3:
Follow this Quick Start Guide to configure the backup

Step 4:
Backup will run automatically whenever your mobile device is connected to your home Wi-Fi

Valid period:


Quickstart Guide:

Supported data types:

End User License Agreement:

Release Note:

Supported destination:

Android 8 or above
iOS 12 or above

Selected folder
on home PC / Mac

2FA Accounts

Edition selection for current CloudBacko customers:

Existing customers who like to upgrade your CloudBacko software to the latest version, please click here and read the important notes carefully before upgrade.

Software upgrade


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