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US finalizing ransomware response policy

We brainstorm ideas how to response ransomware attacks for enterprises.

The Best Practices of Hybrid Backup

We will discuss three best practices of hybrid backup: the 3-2-1 backup strategy, regular testing, and encryption.

How to Plan a Restore Drill?

We will discuss the key steps involved in planning a restore drill and provide some tips to help you execute a successful drill.

Why Backup is Better Than Paying Ransom?

We will explore why having a reliable backup system is a far better option when it comes to protecting your valuable data.

What is Backup Microsoft 365 Archive Mailbox?

We will explore the concept of backup Microsoft 365 archive mailbox and its significance in safeguarding your valuable data.

3 Steps to Restore Data Quickly

CloudBacko will discuss three simple steps to help you restore your data quickly and efficiently in the event of a loss.