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CloudBacko Go backup file filters are used to select files or folders that will be included in the backup or excluded from a backup.  

You can specify the criteria that is used to include or exclude files/folders, it is an easy and efficient way to ensure all your critical data is always backed up and safe. CloudBacko Go support two types of backup file filters:

  • Simple comparison, matching filenames or extensions using "Start with", "End with", "Contains"
  • Regular expression, matching filenames or extensions using Unix style expressions
Backup File Filter


Efficient and accurate file backup selection has added advantages as it helps to reduce the number of unnecessary files transferred, which improves both backup/restore performance and lowers storage usage & costs for your backup.


Frequently asked questions

CloudBacko Go uses advanced data deduplication and compression technology to significantly reduce backup data storage and therefore storage costs. This also lowers network utilization and enables faster backup/restore performance. 

Experience significant backup and storage costs savings now. 

For security reasons, we strongly recommended users ensure yu are running the latest version of backup software to ensure backups run smoothly and you are protected from potential vulnerabilities.

A CloudBacko Go subscription offers unlimited software updates, all updates are deployed automatically whenever a new version is available to give you complete peace of mind.

If customers subscribe to a CloudBacko Go backup plan, they are entitled to software updates free of charge. CloudBacko Go will be automatically updated whenever the latest hotfix or version upgrades are available. You will never have to worry about missing any fixes, enhancements, features, or latest security patches that can make your backup software work even better.

You even get online support if you have any questions.

Yes, you can use your own storage based on your needs. CloudBacko Go supports popular cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi, Backblaze etc.

Alternatively, you can use our CloudBacko Drive storage which is powered by Microsoft Azure. Check out our pricing

Get extra phone storage without extra costs.

CloudBacko Mobile app enables you to optimize your mobile phone storage for even more selfies, video, audio and document files. Check out our YouTube video