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Backup Synology NAS - No more worries about ransomware attacks

CloudBacko offers a secure Synology NAS backup solution to protect against data loss. The most common causes of data loss are critical hardware failure, disk failure, fire, natural disasters, NAS firmware bugs, and ransomware. Don't make the mistake of relying on RAID to protect your data. CloudBacko will securely backup Synology NAS data to onsite and or offsite locations. Sign-up for a CloudBacko backup plan now! It's delivers the best value for your budget!

Ensuring secure backup
With a CloudBacko backup, data security is protected using AES 256-bit truly randomized encryption that is impossible to be hacked even by brute force attack with supercomputer. CloudBacko also provides two-factors authentication(2FA) access control. You can prevent data loss or paying ransom in ransomware attacks. 

Saving up to 50% storage space with data deduplication
Save up to 50% on storage space and costs when you backup files using CloudBacko. How? Our data deduplication engine uses an advanced algorithm to find and remove duplicate data blocks. Only unique data blocks are uploaded to the backup destination or cloud storage. The engine also finds unique data blocks for future backups when the file content changes. So less storage space means bigger savings on storage charges and faster backup times. Backup as much data as you want from your Synology NAS without breaking the bank!

Easy to use with direct installation on Synology DSM
Cloudbacko's Synology NAS backup solution is directly installed on Synology DSM. No need for an extra staging machine. No need to setup the NAS as network share as required by other backup software.

Backup unimited endpoints or devices
A CloudBacko subscription helps you to backup unlimited number of endpoints or devices. It's delivers the best value for your budget!

backup Synology
backup Synology

Backup Synology to local, FTP/SFTP, and public cloud

Backup Synology NAS data with CloudBacko to onsite and offsite locations, fully protecting critical business data stored on Synology NAS devices from loss caused by hardware failure, disk failure, fire, natural disasters, firmware bugs, and ransomware.

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RAID protection not enough

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) offers only limited protection against data loss caused by serious hardware breakdown, sabotage, computer viruses, natural disasters, firmware bugs, or ransomware. Therefore, a secure backup Synology NAS data to the cloud is the best protection against data loss. Don't rely on RAID to protect your data.

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backup Synology

Backup your Synology NAS Device (2-min User Guide to Fight Against Ransomware/Data Breach)

The best value for your budget

The good news is each CloudBacko subscription plan supports the backup of unlimited number of Synology NAS devices. Subscriptions start from US$1.5/100GB. Bring your own disk option is available. With even lower subscription fees. Learn more.

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backup Synology
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