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Backup service and cloud storage fees

The cost of a CloudBacko Go subscrption is based upon the amount of backup data, i.e. you will only need to pay more if you backup more data. Also, you will be charged for each of the Microsoft 365 user accounts backed up. However, there are significant discounts available, get 15% or 30% off when you sign up  for a 2 or 3 year plan. 

You can install CloudBacko Go client agents on an unlimited number of NAS, servers, PCs, and notebooks to make use of all the advanced backup features, e.g. data deduplication, encryption, open file backup, application aware integration for VMware, Hyper-V, MS Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL and MariaDB, without any extra charge. An additional storage fee is applied only if you choose to backup to CloudBacko Drive. 

The following table shows some of our popular packages for easy reference. If you are interested in our full pricing for different scenarios, please refer to the PDF pricing table below.

* CloudBacko Drive included in all backup plans
** Annual Subscription Required / 2 Years Plan - 15% OFF / 3 Years Plan - 30% OFF
*** Discount available for more storage

with CloudBacko Drive

CloudBacko Go subscription fee

**Microsoft 365, database, and VMware/Hyper-V BYOD backup plans for only $1/month (per 100GB)**


File Databases Virtual Machines Windows MS SQL Server VMware Linux Oracle Synology MySQL QNAP MariaDB macOS MS Exchange File / NAS Backup Plan Databases & VM Backup Plan Microsoft 365 Backup Plan $1.5/month (per 100GB) $2/month $2/month (per 100GB) (includes 50GB per mailbox) Microsoft 365 Outlook SharePoint Hyper-V OneDrive Teams
Windows MS SQL Server MS SQL Server Linux Oracle Oracle macOS MS Exchange MS Exchange Synology MySQL MySQL QNAP MariaDB MariaDB MariaDB File Databases Virtual Machines Microsoft 365 File / NAS Databases &VMware $1.5 $2 Microsoft365 month month month per 100GB per 100GB Includes 50GBper mailbox $2 Backup Plan:

* CloudBacko Drive included in all backup plans
** Annual Subscription Required / 2 Years Plan - 15% OFF / 3 Years Plan - 30% OFF
*** Discount available for more storage

Which backup data size package should I choose?

The built-in advanced deduplication and compression in CloudBacko Go can save you lots of storage space required for backup by default. However, the typical business retention policy of keeping all versions of data for 365 days will eat up your storage gradually. As a rule of thumb, simply choose the package above with size equals to the size of your data to backup. It is usually the best fit for most situations.

Why should I use CloudBacko Drive?

  • A single flat rate of $1 per 100GB

  • No data egress fees or other hidden fees

  • Large choice of storage locations:

    • To optimize latency and network bandwidth for backup and recovery

    • To fulfil legal and compliance requirements

  • CloudBacko Drive uses Microsoft Azure with guaranteed availability and security.

CloudBacko Drive gives you all the great benefits of Microsoft Azure storage without the costs.

Is there cheaper option for storage?

CloudBacko Drive, as well as all other cloud storages, comes with high level of redundancy and availability by default. Therefore, it will carry a high price tag. However, if offsite protection is not essential to you, store your backup data onsite with an on-primise storage device can be a cheaper alternative. The following table shows a list of direct attached storage devices which can be plugged into a PC/server through UBS port to expand its storage immediately. In most cases, the acquisition cost of buying one unit would be similar to the subscription fee for cloud storage for one year, without considering the power to keep the device running. You can visit QNAP official website for full hardware specification.


Model Max.Capacity Connectivity Price*
QNAP TR-004 4 x 18TB USB 3.2 GEN 1 Type-C $300
QNAP TL-D800c 8 x 18TB USB 3.2 GEN 2 Type-C $950
QNAP TL-R1200c-RP 12 x 18TB USB 3.2 GEN 2 Type-C $2250

* This price does not include any hard disk


The following table shows some typical scenarios, which may fit your requirement, with their 1 year prices.

*monthly rate

Scenarios Storage(GB) 1 Year Plan* 2 Year Plan* 3 Year Plan*
Files 100 $2 $1.7 $1.4
Microsoft 365 (5 users) 250 $11 $9.4 $7.7
VMware/HyperV 500 $10 $8.5 $7
Exchange/SQL/Oracle 1000 $20 $17 $14
NAS 2500 $50 $43 $36