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Backup Oracle databases to ensure business continuity

CloudBacko helps you to backup Oracle databases and protect your business data. Our solution works on many platforms. Guarding against data loss is important. Data loss can happen due to natural disasters, human error, hardware failure, ransomware, and hackers. CloudBacko’s full database and log backups ensure complete data protection and point-in-time recovery. It works for Oracle databases of all sizes. CloudBacko’s data deduplication reduces storage requirements and costs. No matter how large your Oracle database is, it won’t hurt your wallet!

Hot database backup
Backup Oracle databases without interrupting service or performance. Users can continue working while the backup is running 24x7.

Save up to 60% storage space with data deduplication
Save up to 60% on storage space and costs by backing up Oracle databases with CloudBacko. Our data deduplication engine removes duplicate data blocks. Only unique data blocks are uploaded to the backup destination or cloud storage. The engine finds unique data blocks for future backups when the database content changes.

Multiple destinations backup for maximum data protection
You can backup Oracle databases to many places, including local drives, network shares, FTP/SFTP servers, and public cloud storage. Backup to each place one at a time or all at once. Multi-destination backup lets you follow the 3-2-1 backup rule for the best data protection.

Enterprise grade data security
For backups to the cloud data security is very important. CloudBacko backups are protected using AES 256-bit truly randomized encryption that is impossible to be hacked even by brute force attack with supercomputer. The backup data is encrypted during transit and at rest. CloudBacko also provides two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect access to the backup data.

Backup unimited endpoints or devices
A CloudBacko subscription plan helps you to backup unlimited number of endpoints or devices. It's delivers the best value for your budget!

Backup Oracle to ensure business continuity

Why backup Oracle databases with CloudBacko?

backup oracle

To ensure data reliability, reduce the amount of backup data transferred, and ultimately improve backup performance, CloudBacko uses a range of different technologies. For example, you can

  • Supports Oracle database backup on both Windows and Linux platforms.

  • Full database backup and archive log backups for the latest point-in-time recovery.

  • To ensure data consistency, CloudBacko  makes a temporary copy of the database instance (including database files, control files, configuration files, and archive log files) at the start of each backup job.

  • Archive log deletion feature to automatically delete archive log files from your Oracle instance which are more than certain number of days old (user-specified).

  • Flexible database recovery options with both manual and automated recovery.

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How to restore Oracle databases and keep your business running?

When disaster strikes, you have flexible recovery options with CloudBacko. You can

  • Restore Oracle database(s) to the original storage location.

  • Restore Oracle database(s) to an alternate storage location on the same server.

  • Restore Oracle database(s) as a set of raw files for manual recovery or for recovery on another server.

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