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  1. There is an epic battle going on between Amazon and Google regarding their cloud services. Anyone related with IT will know its intricacies and understand them.

  2. Quite a lot of our trial users are interested in backing up to Google Cloud Storage and would like us to show them how to activate it. Check this video.

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  4. Deploying backups but overlooking the need to make sure that backup actually work is a common error.

  5. As immutable backup data cannot be encrypted, deleted, or modified. Get full protection against human error, ransomware, or hackers.

  6. A backup schedule enables organizations to easy implement regular and consistent backups across unlimited endpoints requiring little or no human intervention.

  7. With CloudBacko Restore Drill feature you can fully automate regular testing of your backup data to ensure complete data integrity

  8. A backup solution is an application that enables the creation of a copy of important files, folders, databases, virtual machines, or generally any type of data

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