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  1. CloudBacko Go data deduplication significantly reduces storage usage and therefore storage costs, as well as improves backup and recovery performance.

  2. Nine reasons CloudBacko Go is an ideal Microsoft 365 backup solution

  3. Enterprises need to backup Microsoft 365 due to complete own and control your critical data.

  4. let’s share how to protect data from a backup angle to protect critical data, prevent ransomware attacks, and data loss.

  5. CloudBacko Go uses advanced data deduplication and compression technology to significantly reduce backup data storage and therefore storage costs.

  6. CloudBacko allows you to recover data in case of data disaster at minimum cost.

  7. You can use your own storage. CloudBacko Go supports popular cloud storage services Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi etc.

  8. The loss of critical business data will not only result in extended business downtime but it will also cause damage brand reputation, loss of customer goodwill.

  9. Implement regular backups using the 3-2-1 backup rule is the best practice to 100% protect data.