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v5.9.14.0 Release Notes (23-May-2024)

This release contains the major features listed below:

Key Features
  • Support for Dropbox for Business (ref: T-22989)
  • Support for Tibero Database Solution (ref: T-37413)
  • Support for Linux Bare-metal Backup (ref: T-37714)
Backup Destinations
  • CBP, CBL - Support configure Backblaze destination without selecting "All" in "Allow access to buckets" (ref: T-37682)
Application Specific Backup/Restore - Microsoft365
  • CBP, CBL - Support Backup for Microsoft 365 History version files (ref: T-37542)
  • CBP, CBL - Remove MS Teams Protected API request form (ref: T-37949)
  • CBP, CBL - Optimize Restore UI Listing for Larger Index (~200GB) (ref: T-38385)
  • CBP, CBL - Add option to restore original file only from latest snapshot for M365 Backup (ref: T-38474)
  • CBP, CBL - Handle for Retirement of RBAC Application Impersonation (ref: T-38927, Microsoft Tech Community)
Application Specific Backup/Restore - Microsoft SQL
  • CBP - Option to modify Database Server address for Microsoft SQL Backupsets (ref: T-39346)
Application Specific Backup/Restore - MariaDB/MySQL
  • CBP - Support restore multiple databases to an alternate location (ref: T-37527)
Application Specific Backup/Restore - Oracle Database
  • CBP - Remove the use of VSS in Oracle Database Backup (ref: T-28170)
Application Specific Backup/Restore - VMware
  • CBP - Reduced system memory usage for Backup (ref: T-38887)
Bug Fixes
Backup Destinations
  • CBP, CBL - Backblaze destination data is not deleted after deleting Backupset (ref: T-37648)
General / Miscellaneous
  • CBP, CBL - Restore filter not work (ref: T-38491)
  • CBP, CBL - Unable to use mouse scroll in Backup Filter creation (ref: T-38627)
  • CBP - In Command-Line mode, User password being displayed if it exceeds to 19 characters (ref: T-39301)
CloudFile & File Backup/Restore
  • CBP - Unresponsive UI when selecting checkbox for UNC Backup Source (ref: T-37367)
  • CBP - File Backup gets error " Failed to insert File Block" (ref: T-38078)
  • CBP - File Backup gets stuck (ref: T-38403, 38466, 38515)
  • CBP - File Backup gets error "unable to migrate index" (ref: T-38458)
  • CBP - File Backup data deleted from destination during DIC (ref: T-38545)
  • CBP - File Restore hits "Network Error" (ref: T-38929)
  • CBP - File Backup getting error "18031088888755 is not a valid backup job" (ref: T-39347)
Application Specific Backup/Restore - Hyper-V
  • CBP - CloudBacko crashes during Restore to alternate location of Cluster Backupset (ref: T-37716)
  • CBP - Backup stuck in transferring the index to SFTP destination intermittently (ref: T-38131)
  • CBP - Backup to FTP destination gets error "java.lang.NullPointerException" (ref: T-38156)
  • CBP - Cluster Backup gets error "File cannot use SharedBlockOutputStream" (ref: T-38390)
  • CBP - Granular Restore error - "java.lang.nullPointerException" when accessing mounted drive (ref: T-38472)
  • CBP - Backup getserror %path% (The system cannot find the file specified) (ref: T-38590)
Application Specific Backup/Restore - MariaDB / MySQL
  • CBP - MySQL Backup gets error "Process Dump database brightled failed" (ref: T-38539)
Application Specific Backup/Restore - Microsoft Exchange
  • CBP - DAG Server Restore not completing and logging "Heap Size / Physical Memory" messages (ref: T-37741)
  • CBP - Mail-Level Backup gets error “java.lang.ClassCastException: com.ahsay.cloudbacko.gL cannot be cast to” (ref: T-38507)
Application Specific Backup/Restore - Microsoft365
  • CBP - Restore getting error "Fail to get list info from %path%" (ref: T-38427)
  • CBP - M365 Restore hits error (ManagedMetadataLookup is not supported) when restoring Sharepoint to Alternate Site (ref: T-38616)
  • CBP - Restore error "Fail to deserialize List meta" is encountered during Restore to original or alternate site (ref: T-38637)
  • CBP - No Files in Microsoft Teams Hidden Channels are available for Restore (ref: T-39299)
  • CBP - When running Data Integrity Check for Microsoft365 Backupset with CRC enabled, gets Windows error "Source Path Too Long" (>255 chars) (ref: T-39331)
  • CBP - Restore preview email icon has error "Preview is not available, Error:..." and restored PST file, message is empty (ref: T-39492)
  • CBP, CBL - M365 Backup Stuck at retrying Backup items (ref: T-39069)
Application Specific Backup/Restore - VMware
  • CBP - VMware Backup gets error "The server refused connection" (ref: T-39390)
Windows System/System State/Bare-Metal Backup
  • CBP - Windows System State Restored size is 0 Byte (ref: T-38719)
  • CBP - Recycle Bin statistics is not updated correctly when data being recycled during backup job/DIC (ref: T-39158)
Operating Systems
  • CBP, CBL - Scheduled Backup job fails to run in macOS (ref: T-38388)
Systems Maintenance
  • CBL - Failed to start CloudBacko Lite service after installation (ref: T-38550)
  • CBP - Backup getting error "Failed to log start Backup, HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request" on Server with 64 core CPU (ref: T-38889)
  • CBP, CBL, CBH - Security Patchset Q1/2024 (ref: T-38324, 38861, 39090)

Product Abbreviations:

  • CloudBacko Pro - CBP
  • CloudBacko Lite - CBL
  • CloudBacko Home - CBH
  • CloudBacko App - MOB
  • Mobile Backup Server (CloudBacko App) - MBS