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CloudBacko Pro / Lite Pricing

The use of CloudBacko Pro or CloudBacko Lite backup software is based on a perpetual licensing model.  

Each CloudBacko Pro and CloudBacko Lite license key is valid for one device or endpoint, this includes basic features such as File and Mobile backups, customers must provide their own storage.

To backup other databases or applications, additional backup module licenses must be purchased such as MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB etc for each device or endpoint.


Basic Software (per installation) (per Pro) (per Pro) (per Pro) (per Pro) (per Pro) (per Pro) (per Pro) (per Pro) (per 365 user) (per 365 user, with max 2 users can be backed up) (per CPU socket of the Hyper-v user) (per CPU socket of the VMware host) (per installation) $149 Free Free Free Free Free $9 $9 $25 $25 $9 $9 $25 $25 $115 $55 $55 $55 $55 40% on the above standard price $38 (Adjusted prices effective from Mar 1, 2022) Mobile Backup File Module Windows System State Module Cloud File Module for cloud-to-local andcloud-to-cloud backup Windows System Module Microsoft 365 MariaDB Module MySQL Module Microsoft Exchange Server Module, withUnlimited Mailboxes Backups Microsoft SQL Server Module Microsoft Hyper-VModule Oracle Module VMware Module for ESXi paid version,Server, Fusion, Workstation, Player Upgrade from a previous version CloudBacko Pro CloudBacko Lite

Remarks: All prices are in US Dollars. These prices are for Online Mode licenses, meaning the machine that has CloudBacko software installed must be with Internet connection and is able to connect to our license server. If you need to use CloudBacko on a machine without internet access, Contact Us to acquire Offline Mode license with price equal 5 times of Online Mode one.

Download CloudBacko Pro         Download CloudBacko Lite