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Step 2 - Perform a test backup - Linux (gui)

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Choose your operating system:


1. Start CloudBacko Go, enter your preferred; user name,  location, and email address (optional) and click OK to continue.

2. Please wait…as it can take up to 1 minute for the trial registration and account creation process to complete.

2. Click on the “+” to add new backup set

3. Select to Create a File (default) or Microsoft 365 backup set. Then click Next to continue or click Close to create your backup sets later.

3. Select the Backup Set Type “MS SQL Server Backup”.

4. Select the files / folders to backup on your computer, then click Backup now.

4. Enter the backup set name, i.e. MS SQL Server (daily). Next select the backup mode, i.e. VSS. Then enter the MS SQL Server login details. Click “Next” to continue.

5. Click on Confirm to start the backup job.

3. Select the Backup Set Type “MS SQL Server Backup”.

6. Your files are backed up securely to our CloudBacko Drive Cloud storage.

6. Select a storage destination, i.e. CloudBacko Drive. Click “OK” to continue.