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CloudBacko Pro Is Specially Designed To Make Backing Up Servers, Databases, and Virtual Machines Easier

Kowloon, Hong Kong – March 21, 2018: CloudBacko continues to pave the way for backup and system recovery companies. In recent years, the company has emerged as an industry leader in developing reliable data backup software.

The tech company launched its incredibly powerful CloudBacko Pro software that enables businesses to back up their workstations to remote cloud storage and/or local servers. The software was created with the sole intention of simplifying and automating the process of making backups. By arming CloudBacko Pro with cloud (remote) and local capabilities, the company allows its customers to restore multiple versions of servers, databases and virtual machines in a single operation – making it one of the most robust backup options commercially available.

Speaking about the company’s expertise, the Development Director of CloudBacko, Mr. Samuel Chan recently stated, “We understand that backing up workstations and virtual machines can be a painstakingly long task. This is why we’ve simplified the entire process of computer backup and restore via CloudBacko Pro. Equipped with built-in integrity checking and restorability verification, CloudBacko Pro allows superior bandwidth control to clients. By using our software, our clients can restore backed up data to new workstations or their mobile devices with a single click!”

Ransomware has become increasingly popular in recent years. As it can cause organizations thousands (if not millions) of dollars in the long run, many businesses have beefed up cyberspace security in a desperate attempt to avoid ransomware.

CloudBacko brings its unique approach to the table in the fight against ransomware. The company has a powerful point-in-time restore feature which allows its clients to bypass ransomware by downloading an uncorrupt copy of encrypted data from remote servers.

We’re well aware how crippling ransomware can be to budding businesses,” Mr. Chan continued. “This is why we’ve added the Point-In-Time Restore feature in the CloudBacko Pro software. By using this feature, our clients can bypass the ransomware that infects their confidential data and restore backed up files from an earlier point in time. Furthermore, our customers have the power to manually choose the files that they want to be restored on their new machines which leaves them better prepared against the threat of ransomware, and minimizes the financial repercussions of this digital disaster.”

CloudBacko has become renowned for robust backup technology and software in recent years. The company has one of the fast expanding clienteles in the world and invites customer interaction via its official website.

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With the intention of making computer backup and restore as simple as they can be, CloudBacko Corporation provides economical and efficient backup solutions to its clients. A wholly owned subsidiary of Ahsay Backup Software Development Company Limited, the company offers SQL Server Cloud Backup, Exchange Cloud Backup, Hyper-V Backup, Oracle Database Backup and countless other affordable and effective solutions to its clients all over the world.

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