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Backup Solutions and Data Protection Buyers Guide

When we source backup solutions for data protection. What factors do we need to take into consideration? Our backup solution and data protection buyers guide will give you suggestions for finding right backup solution which will save you time and money.

1. The type of system, device, or endpoint you want to protect
Data is the core of any business. A reliable and secure backup solution is a must, to protect critical business data no matter where it is stored - in the cloud, on-premise system, or mobile devices. CloudBacko offers a diverse portfolio of backup solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs. Don’t risk losing your data to natural disasters, human errors, ransomware, or hackers. Visit today and discover how CloudBacko can help you safeguard your data.

2. Data Size and Storage
When looking for a reliable and affordable way to store your backup data. You should know that storage charges are one of the biggest factors that affect your backup costs. That’s why choosing the right backup destination is crucial for saving money and ensuring data security.
One of the best options available is CloudBacko Drive, which is powered by Microsoft Azure. With CloudBacko Drive, you can:

  • Avoid any additional egress or transfer fees that other cloud providers may charge.
  • Enjoy at least 99.99% availability and fast access from Microsoft Azure’s data centres.
  • Benefit from 24x7 security monitoring by Microsoft.

Enjoy all the advantages of Microsoft Azure without paying extra costs.
Sounds good? Then why not try our CloudBacko Go Backup As a Service (BaaS) with CloudBacko Drive today! You can register for a 15-day free trial here

3. Decide on the features you require
Make a list of the important features you need; such as Microsoft 365 backup, backup NAS devices, granular restore, application aware VM backups, continuous backup etc. For some enterprises they are looking for multidestination’s backup with high grade data encryption and Two-factor authentication.

4. What type of service plan do you require
CloudBacko offers two types of backup solutions for backup of cloud data, virtual machines, servers, desktops, laptops, NAS and mobile devices.

  • CloudBacko Go
    CloudBacko Go is a subscription based backup service with a simple storage-based pricing model which supports unlimited devices or endpoints, each subscription includes technical support and unlimited software upgrades. You can subscribe to a CloudBacko Go service plan and get your backups running within minutes. Check out our
    CloudBacko Go pricing.
  • CloudBacko Pro/Lite
    CloudBacko Pro/Lite is a standalone backup up solution which does not include storage, which must be provided by the client themselves. CloudBacko Pro/Lite is based on a license purchase model which is based on a per devices licensing, each backup module, i.e. MS SQL server, MySQL, MariaDB, VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft 365 etc. requires additional license purchases. Each license includes technical support and software updates, however upgrades to a new version will required additional upgrade fee per device.
    You can choose your best fit solution based on your actual requirements.


5. Price Comparisons
Once you have decided on your service model, you should compare prices from at least 3 vendors. You may refer to their pricing packages what they are providing based on your list of features, services period. In most cases if you subscribe to longer service plans you enjoy larger discounts. Here is simple comparison for you

6. Take advantage of free trial before you buy
Using the free trial period before committing to a subscription or license purchase lets you check out all the features and user experience firsthand, to find out if it is suitable for your clients, also get a chance to verify the level and quality of technical support provided by the service provider or software vendor.

7. Check out if there are any discount available before placing your order
When you are satisfied with backup and data protection software and plan to order. Double check if discount price available. If you order CloudBacko Go cloud backup services, you can enjoy 50% off (Max US$100 on subscription). Requirement is users’ reviews submission on Google review platform. Check it out at

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