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Depending on how hard you were hit by a cyber-attack, malware, or ransomware the right restore option can get your systems up and running in no time. These days, businesses have the option of opting for either traditional restore or granular restore solutions. To help people make a more educated decision, we’ve discussed the best features of the two options. So, if you can’t choose between these two popular restore options, follow this simple guide to find the restore option that’s perfect for your business.

Pros of Traditional Restore

Although the popularity of traditional restore has dwindled with the advent of granular restore, it still remains one of the most commonly used restore techniques. Here’s why we some businesses still make use of traditional restore.

  1. Ease of Use

    By far the biggest selling point of traditional restore is that it’s incredibly simple. You don’t need to be an IT specialist with years of experience in restore options to make use of this easy-to-use technology. Traditional restore allows users to recover their lost files in just a few steps!

  2. Restore Entire Backup

    Traditional restore remains popular because of its ability to retrieve the entire backup in one go. For example, restore of data to a replacement unit when a PC or server is damaged by fire or flooding, or suffers critical hardware failure.

Pros of Granular Restore

In some cases, Granular restore has almost made traditional restore technology severely outdated.

  1. Higher Degree of Control

    The advantage of granular restore is that it allows your IT team a higher degree of control over which files to restore. This comes in handy when you don’t want to restore the entire backup, i.e. instead of recovery of the whole virtual machine but just want to retrieve a few important files from VM backup.

  2. Faster and More Efficient

    As granular restore is used to retrieve selected files from a backup, it comes as a surprise that it’s much faster than traditional restore technique. Granular restore is rapid and much more efficient than its traditional counterpart, and it’s because of its speed that organizations these days rely heavily on it when data loss occurrs.

The Final Verdict

Based on the merits of each restore option, it’s easy to see that granular restore is much faster and more efficient than traditional restore. The former provides swift access to backup data and reduces downtime. This is why we have incorporated granular restore technology in our backup solutions.

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